New York & New Jersey are now the Epicenter of US Coronavirus

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The numbers are in and they’re not good.  New Jersey took over California for the 2nd most cases in the US, making New York and New Jersey the top two states for total coronavirus cases. Worldwide there are a reported 351,084 and 15,337 deaths.  In the United States there are 32,000 cases and 403 deaths alone. These numbers are rising everyday.

New York State has reported over 15,000 cases and 115 deaths, most of the cases are downstate New York with NYC reporting 9,045 cases.  New Jersey (mostly central and north Jersey) has also seen a ton of new cases this weekend, bringing the total to 1,875 diagnosed and 20 deaths.

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Top 6 Counties/Cities as of 4:00 PM, Monday, March 23, 2020:

New York:

NYC                 9,045
Nassau            1,900
Westchester     1,873
Suffolk            1,034
Rockland            455
Orange              247

New Jersey:

Bergen              457
Essex                173
Monmouth         158
Middlesex          147
Hudson             126
Union                124

In NYC, the National Guard was activated to enforce the 100% work from home rule and to ‘keep the peace’.  Only the most essential employees are being asked to go to work.  New Jersey released low-level prisoners to reduce jail populations and therefore the risk of contamination and exposure.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Enemy for War of Lifetime [Editorial]

Thoughts of a Bride During a Pandemic

We were clearly ill prepared for this new biological threat. This whole thing is a bizarre set of extraordinary circumstances.  Disasters have a way of bringing out the best and the worst of things. Yes, there are people who will buy up all the meat at Food Bazaar, but there is also an opportunity for an unprecedented effort from both states to curb this pandemic.

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World of paradoxes.

While people aren’t working, the earth is healing, with record low emissions of greenhouse gasses.  Waterways around the world are getting a break from pollution and in some cases changing back to their natural color.

American companies have stepped up to help the fight the spread of the virus. North Carolina-based Hanes has begun producing masks for the government.  NYC is converting Manhattan’s Jacob Javits Center (nobody is having events right now) into a hospital to treat all the infected.  These public – private partnerships can only help us.

Silver Lining.

These are uncertain times.  It’s scary not knowing how bad this will get and how many people end up getting sick or worse.  We all must play our part.  Please, please stay home and let’s beat this together.

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