New York – New Jersey Toll Increases Start Tomorrow

Holland Tunnel Toll Plaza. Image Courtesy of

If you’re crossing the Hudson River, you may want to bring some extra change.  Starting Sunday January 5, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will be increasing tolls.

The affected bridges and tunnels are the following:

The Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, G-Dubs, Goethals Bridge, Bayonne Bridge, and Outerbridge Crossing

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Cash tolls will go from $15 to $16.  While E-Z pass vehicles will raise to $13.75 during peak hours and $11.75 during off-peak hours.

Also worth noting, the ‘Carpool Discount’ will disappear when all crossings go cashless.  A large group of people are trying to fight this, stating that the technology exists to keep the carpool discount even when cashless.  It’s been done in other cities.  Both from an environmental and traffic perspective, removing the Carpool Discount will hurt both New York and New Jersey.

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