NewspaperWood Turns Paper Back to Wood for Upcycled Styling

Image Courtesy of NewspaperWood - Vij5 NewspaperWood pigmented framed cabinet originally designed by Breg Hanssen

Items created from NewspaperWood are the perfect statement to help all inspired to save our planet from climate change as one adds new furnishings to their décor. Mieke Meijer has discovered, developed, and designed an innovative repurposing technique that renews old newspaper into a wood-like material. The NewspaperWood can then be crafted into furniture and décor accessories.

NewspaperWood Aims to Save Planet and Add Stylish Decor

Considering that paper is originally made from wood this method completes an environmental circle of life bringing paper back to be used in a wood-like state. It is commendable that people like Meijer are working to save planet Earth as they strive to find ways to beautify the world and home environments.

In 2003 Meijer was studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands where she created a remarkable way in which to save the planet from excess paper waste. Her invention resulted in the renewed substance that is now known as NewspaperWood.

Image Courtesy of Vij5

This amazing innovation is crafted from reversing the process of turning wood into paper by now making a wood type of material from discarded newspapers. The method produces a NewspaperWood log that is then cut, as a traditional log of wood is, to showcase a wood grain appearance created from the paper layers that the log is comprised from.

Once the NewspaperWood is cut it can be milled and sanded just like traditional types of wood. The wood is used to supplement design pieces along with metal and natural wood.

This unique upcycled material can easily be cut and molded for unique designs. Elegant patterns, such as a herringbone design, can be created, as well as lasercut perforations. Pigments can be added to create beautiful NewspaperWood colors for furnishings and accessories.

Image Courtesy of NewspaperWood

NewspaperWood Makes Repurposing Fashionable

Meijer partnered with Vij5 in 2007 resulting in the presentation of the first NewspaperWood in 2011. Together they have worked to continue developing the product and technique to much fanfare. This has resulted in the formation of the new NewspaperWood company. The wonderful environmentally game-changing material is now being used on everything from furniture and lighting fixtures, to automobile dashboards and watch faces.

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Vij5 originally commissioned different designers to incorporate NewspaperWood into their designs – often mixed with structural elements such as metal. This is evident in the NewspaperWood cupboard by Breg Hanssen. His cabinet is built out of a solid steel frame which comes in different variations and colors. Within the metal frame, the natural colored NewspaperWood planks are inserted just as real wood planks would be.

Image Courtesy of Vij5 – Vij5 NewspaperWood framed cabinet designed by Breg Hanssen

With further production process development, NewspaperWood has been able to create a material that is literally paper-thin. With this ability are new designs developed by folding techniques. A chair conceived by Studio Mieke Meijer is the perfect example of a stylized design.

Image Courtesy of NewspaperWood – NewspaperWood chair by Mieke Meijer

Utilizing NewspaperWood has allowed the Peugeot Design Lab to create a stunning light fixture combining white porcelain, along with copper and the wood-like element. The prototype lamp was created from 3000 left-over newspapers from their 2014 Milan Design Week show. The creation was showcased for their 2015 show.

Image Courtesy of NewspaperWood – Peugeot Design Lab concept light fixture

This is truly a cool, green, invention aiming to not only help combat climate change but also add new beauty to one’s surroundings. This is what happens when one thinks outside of the box. Imagine what this world could be like if everyone would use their creative energy and develop their own green inventions like NewspaperWood – jobs could be created while also saving resources.

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