NFT Art by Kid Creole and the Coconuts Gem of Music Magic

NFT art

The digital NFT art piece “Got to be a Man” is the newest gem of a collaborative effort by Kid Creole & The Coconuts co-founders, August Darnell and Adriana Kaegi. Within 30 seconds one will be delighted and mesmerized by colors and movement flowing with a grooving ad-lib by Kid Creole himself that forms the artwork, “Kid Creole: Got to Be a Man.”

Everyone has a chance to own this gem of 80’s inspiration. With cryptocurrency, one can place a bid to win ownership of this historical music art piece.

NFT Art is Perfect Unique Match for Kid Creole

Kid Creole and the Coconuts has made a name for themselves for their energetic originality of timeless creations. Darnell created the group in 1980 with his then-wife Kaegi, and

NFT art
Image Courtesy of John Rynski

friend Coati Mundi with the vision of ultimate inclusion – “A multicultural carnival without stylistic limitations.”

The band’s music became tantamount with Escapism dance. Darnell created magic by mixing genres – reggae melding with funk and disco make the group more than just another pop group. Timeless original costumes and choreography by Kaegi match the enthusiasm their music represents.

Kid Creole and the Coconuts has always been about being unique in presentation and creation merging different music in performance with vivid costumes and dance. Their exclusive sound and performance is the perfect segue into new creations of moving colorful choreography and music of NFT art.

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Mama Coconut Inspired to Make NFT Art Creation

Kaegi, known as Mama Coconut, took leave from the band in the 90s to pursue her efforts of making multimedia magic. She was an innovator in streaming media with her live webcast series, “Cyber Cabaret” at the Knitting Factory. The pioneering Kaegi now owns working to produce premium video content. Her company’s channel matches the ongoing vision of the woman who continuously morphs with new creations.

The magic of the group continues out of ongoing collaborative efforts inspired by music and ingenuity. Kaegi has continuously thought to the future with a creative mind always ahead of her time. Long before NFT art, she had the foresight to document her journey with the band. Her documentary film is now available on Vimeo entitled “Kid Creole and My Coconuts.”

Darnell sent Kaegi a live recording that he felt exceedingly excited about. His excitement turned into new magic when Kaegi was inspired to create a fresh kind of Kid Creole and the Coconuts art piece. Born from the recording is the digital NFT art, “Got to be a Man”, featuring August’s ad-lib and groove, with Mama Coconut’s video archives of dance moves.

Kid Creole Q and A Speaking NFT Art and More

Carol Ruth Weber: The digital art is beautiful – have you ever thought of your work as a digital art form before NFT?

Adriana Kaegi: Yes for some time now, I have been inspired to turn my visual and August’s music archives into digital Art, after all our work was and is Art, (the ART of Entertainment).

CRW: How did your band’s music inspire the NFT art piece?

AK: August sent me a good quality live recording of the song “I love Girls.” it was six minutes long. I selected my favorite 30 seconds where August ad-libs about being a Man. That to me was a special moment and anthem for man.

CRW: Looking at the NFT makes one want to move and dance – what Kid Creole and the Coconuts song matches the colors and flow best?

AK: The one you hear on it, which is part of the song “I love Girls.” I used the colors to match to sound and mood of the song, as well as chosen dance moves.

CRW: What is the next adventure for King Creole & the Coconuts?

August Darnell: Future major objective is to stage my musical, “Cherchez La Femme,” in the West End in London. And hopefully to bring the revised version back to New York in 2022. Later this year, there’s an almost brand-new KC&C album entitled “Nothing Left But The Rest” will be released in June. And, in 2022 a real brand-new KC&C entitled “The Rest” will be released and a world tour celebrating 42 years of Creolism will take place in 2022.

Meanwhile, I will be working closely with Adriana to offer more exciting NFT drops for the fans!

The band has released 14 albums – including their much-acclaimed debut album “Off The Coast Of Me” which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and won a Brit Award for Best International Live Act. Timelessness matched with humbleness and ingenuity is what keeps Kid Creole and the Coconuts relevant.

Fans and collectors now have the chance to own a piece of a one-of-a-kind Kid Creole creation. Kaegi’s dance moves mixed with Darnell’s adlibs amongst blending colors makes this digital NFT art a pure fascinating experience.

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