The city is in the midst of 6 days without a murder. While this may not sound like a headline to attract tourists, when you consider the size and population of Nueva York, it’s rather impressive.  As of December 23rd, there have been 283 homicides, making it almost guaranteed that the total will fall below 300 for the year.  The last two years have been historically very low, with both under 300 murders.

*This murder rate does not take into account unreported murders in the Bronx chop-shops and Queens warehouses.

Photo by Matteo Modica on Unsplash

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Let’s look back at previous years murder rates:

1990 – 2,245. 1991 – 2,154. 2011 – 515.

Which begs the question, what the hell was going on in 1990 and 1991?

Be safe out there New York.

Written by Christopher Moretti / Chris@NYNJ.COM / © NYNJ.COM