NYC Looks to Fine Pedestrians on Mobile Devices in Crosswalks

'Distracted Pedestrians' Could Soon be FIned in New York CIty

Distracted Pedestrians in Manhattan. Image by NYNJ.COM.

Hey New York City, we have a brand-new way for you to be fined.  New York State Senate has proposed a “distracted pedestrian” bill that will make it illegal to look down at your phone while crossing the street.  A byproduct of smartphones and densely populated areas is unfortunately an increase in pedestrian deaths.  A 2019 report by the Governors Highway Safety Association estimated that 6,227 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2018, the most in three decades.

Image by Giffy.

Honolulu, Hawaii and Stamford, Connecticut have already passed similar “distracted pedestrian” laws.  If found guilty of walking and watching, you would receive a fine of $25 to $250.

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Image by Giffy.

New Yorker’s seem to be divided on this bill.  The vast majority seem to be in favor, but some see it as the government overreaching.  What are your thoughts?