The TCS New York City Marathon is both an athletic event and a city wide spectator sport.  The 2018 NYC Marathon will take place on November 4th, with competitors coming from around the world, hoping to complete the 26.2 mile course through all five boroughs of New York City.  Below is a full map of the route for the marathon.

Image by NYC marathon

5 bridges:  Along most of the NYC Marathon route, large crowds of strangers line up alongside to liven up the race cheering and offering emotional and physical support.  There are five bridges along the NYC Marathon route – the Verrazano Bridge, the Pulaski Bridge, the Queensboro Bridge, the Willis Avenue Bridge, and the Madison Avenue Bridge.  The Pulaski Bridge, between Brooklyn and Queens is quite short, as are the other bridges besides the initial Verrazano crossing, making the Queensboro Bridge section particularly memorable.

Are you participating?  What is your favorite part of the marathon?




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