NYC’s First New Marina in Over 50 Years Opens in Brooklyn Heights

ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina Helps Open Waterfront, Becomes Largest Community Access Point

Photo courtesy of ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina.
ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina is the first new marina in the city in over 50 years. Its launch at full capacity comes this spring. (Photo courtesy of ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina)

New York City is rediscovering its waterfront roots – thanks in part to an 8-acre marina that has taken shape at the mouth of the East River, between Piers 4 and 5 at Brooklyn Bridge Park – ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina.

As the first new marina on the New York Harbor in over 50 years, ONE°15 Brooklyn, opening at full capacity May 1, is a multi-million-dollar project involving massive infrastructure work. Altogether, ONE°15, located between former shipping piers, has singlehandedly reminded New Yorkers that its boroughs’ waterfront, traditionally zoned for a clustering of logistics and storage facilities, can be accessed and enjoyed.

Smooth Sailing

Photo courtesy of ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina.
The wave attenuator system at ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina. (Photo courtesy of ONE15 Brooklyn Marina.)

Nestled between two major rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, the New York Harbor is susceptible to challenging tides and choppy waters. In response, ONE°15 implemented a robust system of wave attenuators comprised of deep draft steel barges, the first setup of its kind in New York City, to reduce the size and energy of incoming waves.

ONE°15’s construction also included the expansion of the Community Dock, which comprises the city’s largest access point, designed for recreational and educational activities, including kayaking, sailing and more.

Intricate Design

Through a multi-phase design stage, ONE°15 Marina – managed by Singapore-based conglomerate SUTL and Chairman/CEO Arthur Tay – worked with city, state and federal agencies and officials, including the DSBS, NYSDEC, USACE and MTA, in navigating complex regulations, moratoriums and subway tunnels. The resulting site, which can host over 100 boats ranging from 30-200 feet in length, is a significant feat.

“Boating and the water have long been passions of mine and I recognized an opportunity in Singapore to bring ‘the water’ and its lifestyle to a wider audience,” said SUTL’s Tay. “As we looked to expand to international destinations, we identified the perfect opportunity in Brooklyn, with the vibrant, lush public spaces of Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Manhattan skyline backdrop. Boaters and water enthusiasts will feel at home at ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina.”

Estelle Lau, the marina’s deputy CEO, added, “Brooklyn’s surroundings and, in particular, the vibrancy of New York Harbor, lend themselves nicely to an accessible, multifaceted marina operation. ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina will open new doors for the sailing community and the city itself.”

Proximity to Public Transit

The site is positioned above the R train and extends outward from a vibrant esplanade. As such, ONE°15 designers and builders integrated the marina into its scenic backdrop. The design minimized piles near subway tunnels and public viewing areas and maintained open-view corridors to south Manhattan. To accommodate larger boats offshore and further its complete transformation, builders added piles with the MTA’s approval.

John Winson, the marina’s general manager, added that ONE°15 Brooklyn’s operational team worked closely with engineers and architects to maximize usage of the new space for a variety of boaters, in an “exceptional process with owners in Singapore.”

Photo courtesy of ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina.
ONE°15’s Sail Club brings awareness and access to sailing right in the New York Harbor. (Photo courtesy of ONE15 Brooklyn Marina.)

Another noteworthy aspect of the marina is its sustainable design and community-driven mission. In fact, ONE°15 donates 2 percent of its yearly revenue to the nonprofit Community Dock. ONE°15 also offers a first-class Sail Club.

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The Sail Club is a membership-based sailing organization that serves the New York Harbor sailing community with high-performance, professionally maintained racing and cruising boasts. It is an integral part of the ONE°15 Marina, serving as a gateway to New York’s waterfront. With unique sail programming, the goal is to assist in revitalizing recreational sailing in the harbor.

You can learn more about ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina by visiting

Photo courtesy of ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina.
Tug boats haul the attenuator system to ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina. (Photo courtesy of ONE°15 Brooklyn Marina.)


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