Pandemic DIY Decorating by Repurposing Unused Items

DIY Decorating
Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

The global pandemic is the perfect time to enjoy some DIY decorating by repurposing unused items already in the home. While sheltering in place one can enjoy a do-it-yourself redecorating activity while also cleaning out the closets, attic, and basement.

Staying home has most getting a bit stir crazy while staring daily at the same walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings. Although ordering online options are still available to purchase new furnishings this is unaffordable for many who are finding themselves out of work due to COVID-19. DIY decorating projects will not only fill hours of boredom but will also provide new décor to be proud of.

Most are faced with an item that brings back fond memories, or the fabric is beautiful, and it just cannot be parted with. With some creativity, these things can be repurposed and used in our homes in unique DIY Decorating ways.

DIY Decorating Ideas for Reviving Pieces Stored Away

So many folks have pieces in the closet that are loved but not worn – along with old scarves, gloves, and ties on shelves that have been forgotten. There is all that stuff stored away in the attic and basement that are not wanted but hold too many attachments. Time to clean out and use some DIY decorating to revive loved items into new beautiful furnishings.

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  • Evening Gown

Time to look at that evening gown that has not been worn in 25 years. The fabric and color may be stunning but the style is totally not in. Take the dress apart and reused the fabric to create valances for your windows along with matching throw pillow covers.

  • Expensive Coat

A coat worth a weeks’ salary but no longer fits can be repurposed to upholster a chair or stool. Use the fabric to make matching throw pillows as well for the DIY decorating project.

  • Leather Fashion

The leather skirt or pants that are no longer fashionable can be used for reupholstering as well.

  • Fur Coat

Take the beautiful fur coat that is too worn out to wear and use it to make stunning décor items. A full-length fur can be made into an elegant throw for the living room. The shorter fur can be used to repurpose into a scarf to drape across the bed. Any extra can be made into matching pillows for the Decorating project.

  • Window Drapery

Clean those old packed away drapes to reupholster chairs and benches.

DIY Decorating Creativity for Lovely New Furnishings

As one gets more into this activity the mind can get very inventive. Use all this time at home to get creative by crafting found items together into beautiful new décor pieces.

DIY decorating
Image Courtesy of Melisalanious via Etsy – Gypsy Bohemian Rag Chopped Valance
  • Scarves and Ties

Old scarves can be reused to remake a lampshade cover or crafted into a pillow.  Ties and scarves can be sewn together to then be crafted into a window valance.

  • Belts and Watches

Take the old belts and watches out and remake them into statement piece drawer pulls.

  • Bed Pillows

Reuse old bed pillow stuffing to make new throw pillows.

  • Shirts and Sweaters

Old sweaters, tee shirts, and shirts or blouses can be easily be fashioned into fun pillows. Cut the sleeves off, then sew up the openings along with the bottom. Stuff with filler and stitch closed the collar.

  • Denim Jeans

Jeans can be reused for many different things. Along with wonderful DIY decorating

DIY decorating
Image Courtesy of RuffledRugsandMore via Etsy – Denim Rug

creating new window treatments, pillows, and a lampshade, denim can be cut into strips to create a beautiful rag rug. This is also the perfect material to quilt together for an area rug.

  • Sewing to Repurpose

All fabrics can be cut up and used as patches for a quilt – use leftover fabrics from repurposed fashion to design a lovely quilted blanket or pillow keepsake.

A cute baby outfit can be sewn onto a backing to make a pillow square for a child’s room – and become a memory to be handed down.

Rag rugs and braided rugs can be made from almost any type of fabric. For a braided rug, one can use old clothes or bedding cut into strips to braid and sew together. Order canvas and a latch hook online to recycle fabric for a rag rug.

Old Furnishings Remade into Decorating Dream Decor

Grandma’s wooden furniture piece stored away in the attic or basement may mean a lot but has seen better days. Days and weeks on end stuck at home presents the perfect opportunity to use some DIY decorating ingenuity to remake old out-of-date relics it stunning accent pieces.

  • Painting to Renew

Purchase a high gloss paint that can be ordered for curbside pickup to paint the old furniture. Make sure to prepare the surface before paint by sanding or priming as needed. After paint is dry place new ordered online hardware on it for a stunning new piece of beautiful décor.

Tired looking ceramic pieces can be painted white or in a loved color to create an instant new accessory to add to the home.

  • Suitcase End Table

    DIY decorating
    Image Courtesy of Wayfair – Alexandra End Table with Storage

Vintage suitcases can be revived into cool end tables – either stack a few or place legs on one.

  • Creating Artwork

Search old magazines and books for photos and old ads that have an artistic interest. Order frames online and then cut out the new-found artwork to place in frames and create a grouping on a wall.

  • Extra Stone Tiles

Extra stone, marble, and granite tile squares that have been stored away can be used as stunning cutting boards or hot plates. Just make sure that a few extra are put aside for replacement pieces for tilework installed in the home. Purchase self-stick bumpers online and place them on the bottom corners.

This pandemic will open one’s creative side to gain the ability to visualize and be resourceful. This is the perfect project to get all in the household excited about tidying up and organizing. Create an entirely new look for the abode with just some imagination and DIY decorating

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