Bergen County, NJ

Just in time for the Christmas rush, the price of a barrel of crude oil has continued to drop further this week.  This caused gas prices to dip to a US average of $2.44, prices not seen in a number of years.  Gas is currently averaging $2.44 in New Jersey and $2.70 in New York.  Parts of the Garden State are even reporting $2.15 in certain location such as Hawthorne and Clifton.  While NYC’s lowest price was $2.42 spotted at Sonomax gas station in Brooklyn.

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This news is a blessing for drivers and delivery companies that saw the highest gas prices in years during memorial day weekend.  While I am definitely not complaining, can you imagine if NJ did not pass the .23 cent gas tax of 2016, we would be seeing prices below 2 bucks a gallon.

Most experts agree that prices will continue to drop after the New Year.

Are you happy about the gas prices?  If you see prices lower than what we mentioned, please comment or email us at News@NYNJ.COM.

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