Public Art and the Pandemic

Artist Jeff Henriquez as seen in Bushwick, BK on Graff Tours. Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

I always try to maintain positive vibes, so when the pandemic began and continued, I will admit it was not easy. As a digital creator and visual mind, the museums and interactive events I would normally attend were closed. I realized I had to uncover new ways to support the arts and stay inspired for my well-being, and physical and mental fitness/manifestation (which many are now discovering.)

Storm King Art Center.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

With this, I would get in my car and drive, even to see one mural a day. Then, it grew to outdoor grounds of art such as the Storm King Art Center and Riverwalk Community Wishing Wall in New York State. Followed by the beach community of Asbury Park and the Wooden Walls Project.

Wooden Walls Project.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

Next up was the city streets and the First Street Green Art Park on the east side of NYC, and a cool walking tour with the knowledgeable Graff Tours in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

First Street Green Art Park.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

I gradually went back and rediscovered previous art, while also finding new. I then posted these images and stories to my Instagram @dressedtothej9s, for daily doses of visual inspiration, in hopes that others would be enlightened to do the same.

A sincere thank you to all the artists, curators, creatives, volunteers, and communities that make public art possible and for keeping my spirits up! #artinspires #getoutside

‘Four Corners Public Arts’ Revitalizes Downtown Newark with Street Murals

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