One of the hottest trends in healthcare this year are all-in-one shops for wellness. Having a wide array of specialists and professional under one roof, makes taking care of yourself a much more enjoyable experience.  We linked up with ReBalance NYC to see what the buzz was all about.  

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Tell us a little about more about of ReBalance?

Rebalance is the only one-stop holistic wellness, fitness and beauty center in New York City to create one of the most comprehensive integrative wellness programs that focuses on solving the root cause of disease. Developed by world renowned Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioners, Dr. Natalya Fazylova, DNP and Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky, DC who have over a combined 40 years of experience in integrative wellness. Our Rebalance 360 program is designed to help clients at any age to look into the future and find the weakest link in their body, repair it at present and prevent complications before they happen.

In what direction is the company moving or what is the next phase for the company?

We’re setting a new trend where all your wellness and beauty needs are serviced under one roof. Aside from your dental procedures, you can get everything you need at ReBalance. We’re extremely passionate about helping you achieve optimal health, vibrant appearance and a fulfilling life. We give you the time and attention you need and we match leading-edge research with practical health care.

What is something that makes you stand out?

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Our goal is to offer a 360 degree approach to wellness, a comprehensive preventative way of analyzing and improving health status of the client. ReBalance NYC offers a range of exclusive treatments and equipment that only few New York City practices have access to including tools for musculoskeletal care and  wireless Electrical muscular stimulation (EMS) training – a breakout workout trend that is up to 18 TIMES more effective than conventional weight training — in a shorter time frame. In fact, a 20 minute EMS workout can yield the same or even greater results compared to a THREE-HOUR workout while building more build strength and endurance, improving posture and core muscles and reducing the impact on joints. Another unique treatment to ReBalance NYC is their functional muscular-skeletal tune-up program that assesses and retrains the body to avoid chronic pain in the back, shoulder, knee, hips and more. You may find more about each of the highly-tailored, personalized programs (including joint and muscle regeneration, bran function rejuvenation, Hormonal Imbalance Stabilization, and more) here.

Can you explain what you mean by moving away from the traditional sick care model? 

We at Rebalance are giving our full attention to discovering the root cause to the symptoms our clients are experiencing. Currently, the conventional healthcare model prescribes medication to help relieve the symptoms but they do not fix the problem causing the symptoms. In other words conventional medicine is focused on disease management rather than disease prevention. The treatment goals at Rebalance are focused on developing a three, six or nine month program for each client where we address all the health problems that client has at present and to prevent those that the client my be predisposed to.

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What are the top 5 illnesses people come to ReBalance for help with?

We help many different illnesses; hormonal imbalances, chronic back pain, frozen shoulder, adrenal Fatigue, and arthritis.

What differences would a new customer/patient notice with ReBalance vs a typical doctor’s office?

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From the start, we delve deep into our clients medical history, eating, emotional and lifestyle habits. We spend a lot of time with our patients so its not a quick 10-15 min chat like it is at a typical doctors office. We provide excellent customer service because we are here to help and make you happy. Rebalance is a stress free zone.

Can you give us a little background on what the doctor’s were doing before starting ReBalance?

Dr. ARKADY LIPNITSKY, is an experienced functional chiropractor who has helped many in the 20 years at his practice – Pain Free NYC in Brooklyn.

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Dr. Natalya Fazylova owner of Radiance Aesthetic and wellness fully rebranded to Rebalance since they both share similar views on the holistic approach to wellness.

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Are you Interested in ReBalance NYC?  Visit them online or stop by their wellness center at 635 Madison Ave.

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