(Long Island City, Queens)

Skyline Tower in Long Island City, just got approved to begin sales. They begin with a marketing plan that estimates a $1.088 billion sellout price, making the 66-story (778 ft) condominium the first in the Queens borough to break the one billion mark.  At 778 feet it’s also marks the tallest building in Queens.

The building will seal the deal for the exploding real estate market.  “It’s like Queens has finally made its mark in real estate,” said Eric Benaim, CEO of Modern Spaces, the brokerage firm marketing the Skyline Tower. The new residences will have 802 apartments, units will start at just over $600k.  With the top floors going for $3.04 million.  Penthouses have yet to be priced, but I’m sure they wont be cheap.

Image via Hill West Architects

The tower is designed by Hill West Architects and feature an all-glass curtain wall and offer over 15,000 sq ft of commercial space and over 760,000 sq ft of residential space. NO shortage of amenities that will include a fitness center, sauna, spa, yoga room, laundry room, pool, playroom, and multiple lounges.

The company states that the two phases of construction will be completed in 2021 and 2022.  Okay Queens, I see you.


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