Randall Method to Grow Business Referrals Free and Easy

Stacey Brown Randall
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Those professionals who rely on clients for business can now learn how to generate their referrals without begging nor paying for them. Out of her own learned experience, Stacey Brown Randall’s book, “Generating Business Referrals Without Asking:  A Simple 5-Step Plan to a Referral Explosion” (Morgan James, Trade Paper), aims to help others attain free referrals to grow businesses.

Service industry experts, such as lawyers, financial advisors, consultants, CPAs, realtors, coaches, insurance agents and interior designers, understand the important necessity that the constant flow of referrals has on growing a healthy business. Randall explains in her book why asking or paying for referrals is a mistake – and how to increase proficient referrals by avoiding the usual tactics.

Randall Process to Generate Business Referrals

In the book, Randall provides tactics, tools, and processes to attain referrals without the constant asking. It is key to have a strategy for how to generate quality referrals in order to have a growth plan for business success.

Stacey Brown Randall
Photo Courtesy of Stacey Brown Randall Facebook Page

One learns why the traditional method of asking will not produce the referrals wanted while absorbing the methods for building a constant flow of potential fresh clients. Randall explains how one must change thinking habits in the hyper-competitive marketplace to get the referrals that will grow business.

Randall details:

  • How to build a pipeline of prospective new clients.
  • How to discern the difference between referrals, word-of-mouth buzz, warm leads, and mere introductions.
  • Why giving incentives to others for referrals will not yield results.
  • Why you need a process to take care of your referral sources.
  • How to not just stay in touch, but top of mind, when hoping to receive referrals.

According to the expert Randall, one must be referable to have referrals show up. This means providing value in doing noble, memorable work to plant seeds for referrals. Constantly asking for referrals, or doing nothing, will not make referrals appear.

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It is imperative to form relationships to get referrals, and then maintain these relationships via outreach (touch points). One must understand that the referral sources form of outreach is what is most important.

As noted by Randall:

“Getting clients through referrals is a key part to one’s overall sales strategy, A solid sales strategy should have three parts or plans – most business owners operate with one or two.  The three plans are the prospecting plan, marketing plan, and referral plan.  The activities and mindset are different for each bucket and most apply a prospecting or marketing mindset to referrals which is why they don’t have long-term success with generating referrals.”

Generating Easy Referrals Grows Business

The knowledgeable business coach is the go to for professionals seeking to learn how to grow their own business. Randall understands first-hand the importance referrals have on growing a business. After personally generating triple digit referrals annually for her own venture, Randall now has literally written the book to teach others the tools for attaining referrals without begging or paying.

Even with high-powered clients such as Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated, Snyder’s Lance and Ally Bank, Randall failed in her first business as an HR consulting firm. From her experiences, Randall realized the need to do things differently when she started her second venture of a business and productivity coaching practice.

The business coach understood the need for a constant flow of new clients for keeping a healthy business, but did not believe in the usual advice: “to receive referrals you must ask.” With a Master’s in Organizational Communication, Randall learned for herself how to crack the code to produce referrals without the need for asking.

Randall exclaims:

“I am a contrarian, I believe if you are asking for referrals, you are doing it wrong.”

It is central to understand that the mindset for referrals can be a deterrent from generating new ones. All one needs is to take the first step to open up the floodgates to achieving ongoing new referrals. As learned from Randall, a failed business can lead to something even bigger if one is willing to take the new journey.

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