Raymond’s Serves up Classic American Dishes in Ridgewood

Soup at Raymond's in Ridgewood, NJ. Image by East Coast Cuisine.

Today I’m headed to Bergen County to Raymond’s in Ridgewood. Raymond’s is an adorable vintage diner known for their legendary breakfasts and classic American dishes. With their all day breakfast menu, Raymond’s is an incredible brunch spot for all ages. The great thing about the eclectic diner, is that they always have lots of people and the wait is never too long, which is a perfect tell-tale sign of good restaurants.

French Toast out of challah with caramlized bananas & blackberries.  Image courtesy of East Coast Cuisine

As for the food, everything I have always eaten here has been fantastic.

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This time I tried the French toast with caramelized bananas and blackberries- recently changed it from how they used to make it, and I wish the bread was crunchier. To drink i got the hot apple cider which was my ABSOLUTE favorite. The strong cinnamon flavor makes it a quintessential fall beverage and is honestly one of the best apple ciders I’ve ever had. Their soup of the day was super flavorful and the croutons on top were impressive for the texture. Overall, I enjoyed my breakfast at Raymond’s and would like to come back for dinner.

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Located in the heart of Ridgewood, the atmosphere is cozy with countertops, booths, tables as well as outdoor seating. The waitstaff was very friendly and accommodating. After a meal at Raymond’s, it is always a treat to order a cup of coffee to go, and walk around downtown Ridgewood. There is also a park across the street, Van Neste Square Memorial park, which is a lovely place to walk around as well. While strolling, you can find some clothing stores, jewelry stores, and my favorite, the local coffee shops/pastry stores for an extra treat.

Apple Cider with Cinnamon. Image courtesy of East Coast Cuisine.

While the location in Ridgewood couldn’t be better, those who live further south don’t have to miss out on the experience with their other location in Montclair.

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