Dreaming of replacing one’s aging kitchen and décor with those fit for mansions can now be achieved on a budget with the help of Renovation Angel. The business that aims to renovate responsibly recycled kitchens and other home décor making it now possible for anyone to get the luxury kitchen and furnishings of their dreams.

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When fantasizing of replacing the aging kitchen, bathrooms, and other decor visiting design stores can be overwhelming. Beautiful showcased kitchens, and rooms dressed in finery with all the extras, seem like mere visions for those on fixed design budgets. Renovation Angel is fulfilling décor dreams, while also donating back to society, by recycling luxury.

Renovation Angel Allows All to Shop Online or in Showroom

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See and shop the beautiful Renovation Angel offerings online by simply tapping on the home page “Shop” tab to discover kitchens, appliances, bathrooms, home décor, and even special weekly deals. One can enjoy browsing the showroom displays from the comfort of his or her abode. In addition, Renovation Angel has teamed with luxury brands like Sub Zero, Wolf and the wonderful Waterworks to sell their open box and display items at a 50 to 90-percent off discount.

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If in the Northern New Jersey, metro New York area, take a trip to the wonderful Renovation Angel 43,000 sq ft Luxury Outlet located in Fairfield, NJ. Shipping to all 50 states, along with Canada, makes the well-appointed finds at the store and the website available to all in North America who discover their once only-imagined kitchen, and other finds of media rooms, bathrooms, offices and high end decor. The company aims to go beyond North America as well.

One can shop for fantasy kitchens and décor at a dream prices. Find a complete elegant kitchen to fit a specific space complete with luxury appliances and granite counters at an amazing cost. The company strives to help those looking for a kitchen to find one to best fit specific floor plans. Renovation Angel has offerings of bathroom furnishings and fixtures as well.

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When looking through the beautiful kitchens check out the home décor, from rugs and specific furnishings to office furniture and artwork too. Finish off the perfect dream home with the most beautiful of chandeliers, sconces and lamps ready to light up the décor.

Renovation Angel was Created Out of a Vision to Help

From one man’s vision, everyone wins, including the environment. Steve Feldman, the founder of Renovation Angel, did not have a dream of being a provider of elegant kitchens. Before kitchens entered his world, Feldman worked in the radio business as a disc jockey, program director and finally as the senior marketing manager for two Clear Channel Providence, RI radio stations for 18 years.

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During his time in the radio business Feldman found himself battling the demons of drug and alcohol addiction. Luckily the man who would go on to give back to help others, found himself in a recovery program that saved his life.

Once Feldman’s radio career took off he found himself making enough of an income to begin paying forward to save others’ lives. Feldman left radio in 1998 to fulfill his dream of working full time to seek out fund raising for outreach programs.

It was kismet when Feldman was driving one day in Greenwich, CT.  He happened upon the huge demolition of a 10,000 sq ft mansion owned by Farah Pahlavi, the last Empress of Iran. As the future Renovation Angel founder looked at the mounds of debris he had an epiphany, “Why did all this have to go to waste?  Why couldn’t at least some of these luxury goods go to a worthy cause?”.

In 2005 Steven turned his moment of realization into a luxury recycling program, Green Demolitions which grew into Kitchen Trader to now become Renovation Angel. Feldman has now realized the dream of being America’s leader for recycling luxury kitchens, helping to save décor, the environment and society.

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Renovation Angel Realizes Dream to Give Back

In celebration of his efforts, 2019 has Renovation Angel teaming up with industry leaders to spotlight those who take responsibility when renovating. Renovation Angel and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) will unveil the first ever Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). KBIS is North America’s largest trade show devoted to all that is kitchen and bath design.

Renovation Angel is also launching the Responsible Renovators program in 2019 at the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City. The program will offer recognition and rewards to industry professionals who “renovate responsibly.”

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The now fully blossomed Renovation Angel was born as Feldman’s Kitchen Trader’s donation partner. He has now married all the efforts from his original Green Demolitions and Kitchen Trader to make the business a true angel for those who wish to donate as well as for those seeking luxury décor on a budget.

Anyone donating a kitchen and other high end furnishings receives a full tax deduction in exchange for giving to a high-quality non-profit. The donation program of Recovery Unlimited is a section 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Charities include innovative and life-changing outreach programs for at-risk youth, addiction recovery, job creation and social entrepreneurship.

In addition, those donating also save the costs of their old kitchen and furnishing removal. Renovation Angel arranges for free, professional white-glove and insured removal of the furnishings from their premises.

Renovation Angel’s Feldman Made a Charitable Mission into Reality

Feldman accomplished his goal of giving back and so much more. The many décor items and thousands of kitchens recycled so far have created a thriving job force. Over $21 million in new jobs have been created to employ workers due to Renovation Angel’s efforts. The growing positions available through Feldman’s quest include removal, transport and resale for the décor, as well as jobs created in construction and retail for items repurposed. 

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Carol Ruth Weber: When was your ah ha moment realizing you personally needed help from others to assist with your own recovery?

Steve Feldman: In 1988. I was suffering from depression and needed help. Once I found recovery I realized that helping others would not only pay back, but also keep me growing on my journey to stay healthy.

CRW: How has your philanthropic work grown since its first days?

SF: When we first started, we were reclaiming several dozen kitchens, we now reclaim over 6000 kitchens a year and have created over 21 million dollars in jobs.

CRW: What do you see for your future and the future of Renovation Angel?

SF: To grow throughout the country with more locations beginning in California, and expanding to the Midwest, Texas, and Florida. My goal is that no luxury kitchen will ever be thrown out.

CRW: Do you miss your Radio DJ life? Do you ever think of maybe doing a podcast or other avenue in which you can help raise awareness?

SF: I would love to go back to media and develop a national TV show and radio show that spreads awareness on renovating responsibly.

In addition to charitable donation and job creation, the kitchens and other items rescued from demo have saved the environment from more landfill. Recycling luxury kitchens, bath fixtures, home furnishings, and architectural elements result in keeping millions of pounds from being added to landfills. Everyone should follow Renovation Angel in their lead of seeking ideas outside of the norm in order to pay forward and give back to society.

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