Robin Williams Remembered for His Laughter as Caring Spirit [Video]

Robin Williams
Image Courtesy of Kokoflix YouTube

The so amazing Robin Williams continues to be celebrated as all remember him on this fifth-year anniversary of his death on Aug. 11, 2014. The man who filled the world with laughter had been mourned by all around the planet Earth even touching his friends in the animal world.

The Gorilla Foundation press release, posted Aug. 12, 2014, stated how the news of William’s death touched his gorilla friend, Koko. The gorilla, who is famed for her sign language abilities, became friends with Williams when he met her in 2001. Unfortunately, the world lost the sweet Koko too in June 2018.

Robin Williams
Image Courtesy of Kokoflix YouTube

Koko Learned of Williams Death from Doctor Friends

As reported in the press release, phone calls of the death of the great Williams came into the foundation as Koko, Dr. Penny Patterson and Dr. Ron Cohn were together. Koko noticed how sad Dr. Patterson appeared after the first call and signed to the doctor why.

Dr. Patterson told Koko back in sign language:

“We have lost a dear friend, Robin Williams.”

Koko gave a thoughtful response. Eventually, after overhearing another of the many calls, and seeing the effect they were having on the doctors, she went to sit in a corner to mourn the loss of her friend with tears in her eyes as photos have displayed.

Williams and Koko’s First Meeting

Williams first met Koko in 2001 when they easily communicated to each other and had a great time together as seen in a video filmed during that visit.

The visit by Williams brought laughter back into Koko’s life after she spent six sad months mourning the loss of Michael, her lifelong gorilla companion, as explained in the press release. In exchange, Koko also brought much happiness to Williams. In 2003 Williams followed up that visit by filming a public service announcement on behalf of The Gorilla Foundation.

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Koko had sadly learned about mourning a loss long before the passing of Michael and her friend Williams, when her first kitten, All Ball, was tragically killed in December 1985. Soon after the loss of All Ball the loving Koko was joyfully given the opportunity to pick out two new kittens to love and nurture – which she named Lipstick and Smoky – as seen in a touching video.

For her birthday in July 2015, Koko was given the gift to choose two more kittens from a litter. She named her new fur babies Miss Black and Miss Grey. Happily, she found more love after the death of Williams.

World Still Mourns Loss of Williams

Unfortunately, Williams, the wonderful man, and humanitarian, cannot be ever replaced. Five years since his loss, society, along with Williams’ family and friends, struggle to move on never forgetting the man who brought laughter to the so many souls in this world. The world’s inhabitants are far better off for knowing such an incredible talent.

Williams was a one-of-a-kind gentleman that showed heart for all living members of society. From furry friends, children suffering from cancer, to his efforts in keeping his college chum Christopher Reeves spirits up after Reeves’ tragic paralyzing accident, Williams worked tirelessly in supporting others through his ability to make people laugh.

One must look beyond a laughing facade and into the depths of another’s soul – who may be so full of hurt themselves that they need help to be saved. Continued hope is that society will learn from William’s death.