Romeo Delight being named in the Van Halen book “Unchained” as one of the top tribute bands in the country, as well as top vocals, confirms their value to the music world.  The band’s energy has proved to be so Van Halen worthy to the that David Lee Roth selected Romeo Delight’s video for his “The Roth Show.”

Romeo Delight
Image Courtesy of Romeo Delight

One can truly feel Van Halen’s high energy emanating through this tribute band showcasing the same sound and look. Romeo Delight shines as the single world band to perform all Van

Romeo Delight
Romeo Delight with Micky Dolenz – Image Courtesy of Romeo Delight Facebook Page

Halen’s albums in track sequence.  They not only showcase the Roth era, but also Sammy Hagar, and have recreated with detail the instruments, staging, and costumes.

The award-winning group proves why tribute bands rank as the top type of live entertainment. Micky Dolenz of the Monkees has taken note of the band’s value choosing Romeo Delight to perform as his backing band at numerous events.

Interview with Romeo Delight’s Buddy Blanch

Buddy Blanchard as lead singer hypes audiences with his energetic moves. Joining Blanch is lead guitarist Kevin Sommerville, bass player Joby Parendier, and drummer Michael Natalini. Entertaining the masses is what the band aims to do as they get ready to wow at the famed venue The Cutting Room in New York City.

Carol Ruth Weber: How did Romeo Delight come to be?

Buddy Blanchard: All started by connecting with lifelong friends. We used to play together when we were teenagers playing some of these songs. Then Van Halen had a reunion concert and it was one of the top-grossing concerts of 2007. We decided to put our energy and creativity into our band Romeo Delight. There was such a demand for a Van Halen tribute band and we loved the music.

CRW: What makes Romeo Delight such a sought-after tribute band and why are tribute bands as popular as they are?

BB: I think really it’s just giving fans the music to celebrate the bands they love and the more we performed the bigger the band became. Our video is the east coast most viewed Van Halen tribute band on YouTube. Then we were named one of the top tribute bands in the country and top vocals in the Van Halen book “Unchained.”

CRW: How did it come to be that you became Mickey Dolenz’s backup band and what is it like stepping away from Van Halen to play Monkees?

BB: Mickey is an amazing person and a close personal friend of the band. He has insisted on Romeo Delight performing with him for several east coast shows as the headlining band when he sings at the official Monkees conventions and other east coast events. There is not much of a difference between The Monkees and Van Halen except for the guitar sounds. There is less of a brown sound on the guitar when we play with Mickey.

CRW: Are there particular favorite pieces or eras of Van Halen hits that Romeo Delight relishes performing?

BB: Romeo Delight features entire albums at selected performances. The first few albums are the crowd’s favorites. Performing the album “Van Halen 1” is the band’s favorite. Getting the reaction from the crowd is what makes the show happen. That excitement is what makes us love performing those songs.

CRW: What have you seen to be as your fans’ favorites?

BB: “Jump,” “Aint Talkin’ Bout Love”

CRW: What has the band been doing to get through this crazy time of a pandemic?

BB: Just preparing our concerts for when we are able to perform for our wonderful fans.

CRW: Playing at The Cutting Room in NYC is an honor. Unfortunately, due to closures your June date has been put off until the fall. What is Romeo Delight planning for the audience at this exciting venue?

BB: The Cutting Room anticipates opening by the end of the year when the original date will be rescheduled. We are going to give a barrage of greatest hits along with some fan favorite deep cuts.

CRW: What is the future for Romeo Delight – can fans expect some originals someday?

BB: Yes, I have completed a catalog of original music. I’ve had interest from several labels including Capitol Records. Hoping to get this accomplished in the next couple of years.

The group aims to continue delighting fans as they rock Van Halen into the future as a noted and award-worthy top tribute band. It is a true gift for fans to know that they can look forward to seeing what new excitement Romeo Delight has for the future.

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