Royal Bond Girl Rachel Grant Marries Shark Tank Entrepreneur [Video]

Rachel Grant
Image Courtesy of Ran Bergman, Revital Events

Rachel Grant, the “Die Another Day” Bond Girl and a globetrotter host for Bravo TV travel show, “Tour Group,” married “Shark Tank” winner, the Biaggi Luggage CEO Stephen Hersh, in Israel.

Born into French royalty, with the title The Honorable Rachel Louise Grant de Longueuil, the talented Grant, whose family is 2nd cousin to the Queen Elizabeth of London, wed her soul mate in a royal matched celebrity wedding. Along with royal family members, celebrities, and famed Shark Tank veterans, guests included Rabbi Shurin, the grandson of Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky.

Above find the video of the amazing wedding highlights – a not to miss view by acclaimed videographer Daniel Malchi.

Grant Represented Her Way to Find Love with Hersh

It all began in 2012 when Hersh hired Grant for a hosting job to represent his Biaggi brand luggage. While continuing a working relationship, romance took over and soon love blossomed – along with the growth of both their careers.

It was in December 2014 that Hersh appeared on season 6, episode 11 of ABC’s “Shark Tank” and impressed shark Lori Greiner with his foldable luggage. Greiner was convinced that Biaggi was worth her investment and agreed to a 33-percent stake in the company for $500,000.

As Biaggi grew, Hersh relied on Grant’s savviness with her charming hosting capabilities to boost recognition. In 2016 the power couple created a viral internet sensation with the video starring Grant, “How to Pack Over 100 Items in One Carry-On.” As the video took off, being shared by celebrities such as Oprah and Ashton Kutcher, Grant was soon given the moniker “Packing Queen.”

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Her love for Hersh shines through in her representation of Biaggi, which, in turn, has elevated Grant’s career as well. Beyond her acting and “Tour Group” achievements, Grant’s star-turn in the packing video earned her appearances on the “Rachael Ray Show,” “Hallmark’s Home & Family,” and “Good Morning America.”

Grant Hersh Israel Wedding Adventure

With Grant recognized for her extensive travels covering six continents and 70 countries one would expect nothing less than her wedding being a true adventure of love and exploration. The couple flew from the U.S. to Israel for their wedding which began in Jerusalem and ended in Tel Aviv.

Rachel Grant
Image Courtesy of Ran Bergman, Revital Events

The dream wedding on Oct 22, 2019, took place on Rooftop of Mamilla Hotel overlooking

Rachel Grant
Image Courtesy of Ran Bergman – Revital Events

the old city of Jerusalem. The regal bride wore a gown designed for her by celebrity designer, Dany Mizrachi. Mizrachi’s beautiful designs have been worn by many stars including Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and industry icon, Irina Shayk. His works have been sought after by stars, politicians, beauty queens, and the Hollywood elite, and have been featured on Israel’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Grant honored her Philippine heritage with her family donning traditional Philippine attire. The couple gifted all their female guests with a full set of an exquisite gift of Philippine pearls designed specifically for the event.

Rachel Grant
Image Courtesy of Ran Bergman – Revital Events

In celebration of the wedding, the couple brought their high-profile guests on a 10-day Holy Land travel adventure. Guests traveled deep beneath the Old City of Jerusalem to the Western Wall Tunnels to view the rest of the half-kilometer wall and the original ground level and ancient streets. A hike up Mount Masada brought guests to see the ancient fortress located above the Dead Sea.

Tower of David
Image by Amit Geron, Courtesy of the City of David Museum – Tower of David Spectacular Light Show -The Night Spectacular, The Queen of Sheba

Included in their adventure was a VIP viewing of the Tower of David Spectacular Light Show, the largest light show of its kind in the world. Grant was awestruck by the show stating, “It is set against the ancient backdrop of the Tower of David Citadel in Jerusalem, and the music and visual is beyond anything we have ever experienced.”

Speaking about her love and wedding adventure Grant teased:

“I’m marrying a guy with a lot of baggage. I feel so blessed to marry such a wonderful man and have the opportunity to treat our guests to such a spiritual tour of Israel.”

Grant Speaks of Love While Staying Her Own Person

With one interview question, the lovely Grant eloquently elaborates on how she looks forward to nurturing her future with Hersh while staying an independent woman.

Carol Ruth Weber: As a single woman who always sets her own rules, how does it feel to be married now and will it change your adventures?

Rachel Grant: I’m still very independent and I’ve kept my own name – along with the French-Canadian title. In fact, Stephen said he would like to take my name because he would like to have a title too. Lol.

Rachel Grant
Image Courtesy of Holly Evans – Grant at Ein Gedi

I think it can make travels and adventures more exciting! Stephen is a very different traveler to me so there are challenges that can turn into big surprises – which usually always works out. I once took him to a treehouse hotel in the rainforest without air conditioning and with the sea rolling under the hut. He was so shocked when he first walked in and said he would never be able to sleep in the place. It turned out to be his most memorable and favorite trip ever. To this day, he talks of going back. I enjoy taking people away from their comfort zone and I look forward to more of that in the future.

Along with their careers, Grant and Hersh work with numerous children’s education and sustainable enterprise charities. They have not only donated their time and talents but have also donated thousands of Biaggi bags to those in need.

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