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L’Chaim, we made it!  Regardless of your political beliefs, I for one am glad that the damn bridge is finished.  It doesn’t matter if you call it the Tappan Zee Bridge, The Cuomo Bridge or The Cynthia Nixon Bridge or any other name…  It is complete and a viable main artery in, out or around NYC and the Lower Hudson Valley.  Some of you Rocklanders still call the “Shops at Nanuet“, the “Nanuet Mall” and call the “Palisades Mall” the “New Mall” even though it was built in 1998.  So does the name really matter at all?

Let’s be honest, whenever you’re building a 3.1 mile bridge in the middle of the largest metro area in the US, you’re not going to make everyone happy.

The bridge was supposed to open today in both directions, however last-minute they stopped it due to fears that a piece of the old bridge which became recently unstable could potentially fall on the new span.  I thought he said he saw the last piece disappear into a gorgeous Long Island reef?..

For those who want to continue the fight for the name remaining the same here are two ways you can do so.  Join Save Our Tappan Zee which has over 110,000 signatures.  Also the election between Cuomo and Nixon is on Sept. 13, that’s this Thursday.  Voting is the most powerful tool we have.

Can’t get enough of the TZB?  Check out this time-lapse of the new bridge.

Personally, I am done talking about the name change.  So please don’t send me emails about why to not change the name, talk to your therapist about it.  Let’s move on to more important issues like improving affordable housing, mass transit and getting some of these cars off the roads to begin with.  Also, we need a sea wall to protect NY and NJ from rising levels, but baby steps…

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