‘See Rose Go’ is Reinventing Plus-Size Fashion

T-Dresses. Image by See Rose Go

“You have no idea what it is like to shop for my body.”

See Rose Go started from a simple statement. In 2017, during a casual conversation with a friend who wears a plus size, she simply stated “You have no idea what it is like to shop for my body.” This conversation affected Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou deeply. Erin and Yi together have over 30 years of experience in the global fashion industry at brands like Nike, Converse and American Eagle. With their design and fashion background, they were compelled to make a difference and set out to create a brand that offered new, innovative solutions for women who are greatly under-served by the fashion market.

Image by See Rose Go.

The Beginning

Before long, they established ‘See Rose Go’, timeless apparel for plus-size women. Each piece is designed with premium material, considered quality and thoughtful innovation.
Their meticulous attention to design, combined with direct insight from consumers, ensures each piece is beautifully crafted with her in mind.  ‘See Rose Go’ strives to provide curvy women premium designer quality, style and innovation that isn’t found in mainstream plus-size brands.

“We listen and learn from the women we are creating for at See Rose Go. We don’t just rely on data and statistics, we include our customers into the design process with ongoing focus groups, fittings and wear-testing. These insights keep us hyper-focused on the real needs and desires, and allow us to consistently drive innovation into our materials, fit and design.

“We want to stay true to our core community and focus our efforts on meeting their needs.”  Yi Zhou

Image by See Rose Go.

Mixing Technology and Fashion

A year in the making, SRG crafted their own patent-pending fabric to make premium everyday essential. Based on insights received directly from women through conversation, focus groups, and wear tests – learning that heating and cooling are major issues, and there was a desire for better construction and materials – their cotton fabrication with high performance COOLMAX® technology was created.  As a result, SRG developed CoolRose™, infused with COOLMAX®, to keep her cool and breathable, while the cotton is soft and comfortable.

Interview with Williamsburg’s ‘Brooklyn Running Company’

See Rose Go recently hosted a pop-up shop and a woman came up, introduced herself as an online customer and was attending the pop up to try on the recently released knits. Erin said, “We thanked her for supporting us, to which she vehemently responded, ‘No, THANK YOU! I’m obsessed with your attention to our needs. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!”. Clearly their customers are in love with their clothing and style.

See Rose Go T-Dress.  Image by See Rose Go.

Going Global

When asked where do you see the brand going? “Our goal is to take this brand global. Before that though, we want to get closer to the communities of plus-size women to listen to their needs. We are excited to launch our own hosted forum where we can share anything from upcoming color palettes or sketches and get real-time consumer feedback from our own community and not be limited to a geographical location. We are excited to expand our community and hear from more women!” Erin Cavanaugh

What an incredible story and a wonderful company.  I personally love highlighting companies that innovate and solve real problems.  For more information on ‘See Rose Go’ please check out www.seerosego.com.

Co-Founders Yi Zhou & Erin Cavanaugh. Image by See Rose Go.


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