See Why The Commute From NJ to NY Just Got Even Worse

NJ Transit employees refuse overtime work.  It's all part of a bitter contractual dispute which means less trains for commuters

NJ Transit Train in Suffern, NY. Image by NYNJ.COM

Full disclosure, my two favorite subjects are NJ Transit and the MTA.  Recently, most of the attention has been on the crumbling infrastructure and filthy subway stations, but across the Hudson a new problem is arising.   We are in the midst of a NJ Transit Engineer protest.  The engineers allege that NJ Transit has violated their collective bargaining agreement.  The alleged violation was when NJ Transit went around the contracts and made side deals with certain employees, offering them additional income to work special events such as concerts.

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NJ Transit has only addressed the shortage of engineers.  They said they just brought in a dozen engineers and are expecting 100 more in October.

The protest and shortages have caused massive delays,  train cancellations and headaches.  The Montclair-Boonton line and 33rd street (Penn Station) to Hoboken PATH trains have both been heavily affected.  We’ll keep you posted on the contract talks and train delays. Sorry, wish I had better news.

Have you experienced delays?  Let us know in the comments.

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