Shipping Container Stores Open for Holiday Shoppers

Image Courtesy of Jersey City.

Jersey City, the city is a melting pot bursting at the seams with culture and development has a new innovative concept.  Jersey City has released its “Container Village”, a popup retail experience made from four converted shipping containers.  The Container Village is in a previously abandoned parking lot along Martin Luther King Drive in the Bergen-Lafayette section of town.

This marks the first city-run “micro-entrepreneurship venture” in Jersey City.  The incubator concept is simple, by creating affordable retail space in the heart of the community, this will develop business opportunities and offer locals new shops in a high foot traffic area..

Image Courtesy of Myrtle and Floosie Instagram.

The first businesses are Sw3at Sauna run by Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez and Myrtle & Flossie a clothing company for moms, created by Nia Reid-Allen.

In that past few years we have seen shipping containers made into homes, but the concept of retail is new to the area. The converted shipping containers include electrical, heating, air conditioning and large inviting windows.  They are also extremely sustainable; they include sedum green roofs and rainwater collection.

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“Container Village is a cost-effective initiative to not only bolster our efforts supporting new and growing small businesses, but also expanding upon our investment to revitalize the area, bringing tangible change, stimulating the local economy, and ultimately encouraging future business opportunities as well,” said Mayor Steven Fulop.

The container village was a private-public partnership between from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation and NPO Rising Tide Capital.

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