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Simpley App
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The Simpley App is the innovative fresh “social shopping” experience that all have been looking for. It allows users to not only shop but to share and chat while making purchases by utilizing a personalized friends list. Items can be reviewed with friends and family through the app in real-time adding for socializing pleasure and rewards.

Favorite finds from local stores are bought and delivered instantaneously – delivered by a member of Simpley’s courier team known as “Nobels.” More than just a mere shopping app, Simpley works as a unique social platform. The app allows moms and all to nurture and support each other by sharing shopping finds and asking for real-time advice.

Simpley App is Truly Like a Mom for Everyone

“Just Like a Mom, We’re Always There” is the perfect description for Simpley. Moms have so much on their plate and Simpley aims to help with what a mom does best – to be supportive and helpful. It is the total package of visionary support by allowing members to go beyond just merely shopping.

Simpley App
Image Courtesy of Simpley App

Simpley App wins as a new way for social shopping experiences with family and friends. Most important is that members can share and aid via chat, a friends list, and attending mental health events sponsored by professionals.

The founders’ mission statement is what speaks to what makes Simpley App a true gamechanger:

“To create the best Social shopping experience through technological innovations and users feedback.”

Patrons have full input and say in how this app changes with each users’ desires. New Simpley technology updates are powered by connecting with customers through daily interactions, surveys, and feedback

Simpley App Enhances Community Interactions for Moms

Being able to send messages and ratings through the app lets other moms and mom types be aware of what items are popular and trending allowing their families to have the best. The App works as a place for each to help themselves and others whether with shopping needs or emotional support. Moms deserve a community to help support their mental health.

Simpley App
Simpley App Founders – Roger Flores, Jeffrey Flores, William Watford, Michael Dugbartey – Image Courtesy of Simpley App

The co-founders are committed to making lives simpler through innovation. As New Yorkers, they understand first-hand struggles and the need for upgrade ease for the fast-paced life.

Moms were especially affected by the restrictions of the pandemic – children always home and in need of extra attention. The pandemic brought to light the importance of delivery services to provide safer ways to receive any needed items.

Simpley App provides new ways to help take care of some time-consuming daily errands to help the day flow a lot smoother. The App dreams to enhance the local community’s interaction to meet shopping needs of moms and others.

Simpley App Easy to Use for All

The straightforward app layout makes ordering products and sharing finds with family and friends fun and easy. Find the product desired, click on it and check out. Go a step further and share finds with friends through Simpley’s digital community. Simpley turns those sharing finds into influencers.

One can become a member for an annual fee of $109.95 which includes all deliveries, access to mental health events, and a loyalty rewards program. Non-members can still enjoy the instant deliveries to them for a flat fee of $10 per order.

The platform integrates social media and shopping – “Social Shopping.” Simpley is the total shopping and social experience in one location allowing one to blend their favorite social media platform with fave shopping platform. It is the go-to place where all are invited to share items and be part of the Simpley App community.

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