Stay Safe in On Demand Car Service Following Expert Advice

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Before calling for an on-demand car one should ask some very important questions to assure safety and protection. The two major queries that one should have an answer to before entering the unknown car and driver are: What should one look for in the car to ensure driver is properly suited to transport, and how can one avoid being overcharged.

Experts State Importance for On Demand Car Protection

Eduard Slinin, Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Transportation Group, warns passengers to be diligent when choosing their on-demand car ride. Tweeps Phillips Woods, past Executive Director of New York City’s Committee for Taxi Safety, states that all passengers should be safe whether they choose a taxi, on-demand car service, black car, or for-hire vehicle.

on demand car
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Slinin takes pride in being at the helm of a demand car service company with the goal of operating only safe and insured black car companies and their drivers. The CEO, who has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, offers his best advice on what users should look out for to arrive at their destinations safely.

The Committee for Taxi Safety is New York City’s leading association for the city’s taxicab industry. The Taxi Safety Committee members own 20 – 25 percent of the yellow taxi medallions with the City of New York – representing about 2,000 medallions and more than 5,000 drivers.

Assure on Demand Car Safety following Industry Experts Tips

The car service experts offer tips on how to assure on-demand car service and taxi passenger safety.

on demand car
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Safety comes above all else with Slinin’s on-demand car service. At Corporate Transportation Group, drivers must have gone through proper background checks to obtain license to operate through the on-demand car service.

Slinin advises diligence for people when choosing an on-demand car in order to assure safe arrival at their destination. He has compiled guidelines, the same requirements that he mandates for his own company and drivers, as tips to help consumers.

  • When one enters the vehicle, assure that driver has the proper license and qualifications displayed to view.
  • Inquire with the driver about their automobile insurance to ensure they are operating under the correct insurance to protect both the driver and passenger.
  • Make sure a price estimate is received in advance and that the charge does not increase based on traffic or weather conditions throughout the ride.

Slinin states:

“Just because you have ordered a car service through a nationally known company or app does not mean your ride will automatically be safe and offer you the most value for your dollar. Consumers need to ask the right questions and know what to look for in choosing an on-demand car service to bring them safely to their destination.”

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Woods shares her own important safety tips for passengers to use to ensure they have a safe ride when searching for a ride in New York City.

  • Always check the car for a diamond-shaped Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) decal inside the windshield.
  • Livery and black cars are by pre-arrangement. Do not get into a car that you did not call for or e-hail.
  • Ask the driver the name and destination that he has on file in order to check that it is, in fact, your driver.
  • If hailing a yellow or green taxi, the driver’s license should be displayed
  • Ride only in cars with functional seat-belts in the back seat
  • If a driver is acting reckless, or if you feel uncomfortable, get out at the first safe opportunity.

Woods explains:

“With the emergence of less regulated options like Uber and Lyft, unfortunately, there is more opportunity for fraud and actions of crime to occur. Always know what to look for when choosing a service to ensure you arrive at your destination safely.”

It is vital to be proactive to ensure safety in this fast-changing world. By utilizing the tips given by Slinin and Woods one can do their best to make sure that they and loved ones arrive at their destinations in a safe manner.

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