StringFlix App Turns Video Creation into a Social Experience

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StringFlix unites people through video by providing users with a simple mobile app where they can easily create group videos. Unlike other platforms, that leave a soul isolated as a person creates a video alone, StringFlix allows for groups of people to work together on a video.

StringFlix Creates Group Video for Social Interaction

The human experience of partaking in true social interaction is becoming lost as folks sit isolated staring at a smartphone or computer posting to social media in solitary communication. StringFlix breaks through the one-way communication method by enabling a communal experience to create a collective video. Launched in April 2019, this is a pure social video platform developed specifically to utilize video to gather people together – even if they are miles apart.

Anyone can open a StringFlix account and invite others to cooperatively create a video and share on any platform – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. People now have the capability to work collectively to collaborate, create and discover content.

What sets StringFlix apart from other social media is that it promotes team participation. People are asked not to contribute to a post with a comment, but instead to add a photo or video. This works to change how people communicate. Instead of merely commenting, all become shared creators of the video post.

StringFlix is a User-Friendly App

Image Courtesy of StringFlix

Online videos are fun to watch and pass the time away, yet making a collaborative group video was virtually impossible before StringFlix. There was no simple way for individuals to come together to make a group video of their experiences.

Before StringFlix, just to make a video to celebrate a major occasion, such as wedding or business event, was a time-consuming lonely experience done by a single individual tasked with collecting, editing, and creating the video. This arduous task would also prove to be storage hogging if one did not use a cloud option to store data. Many would find themselves giving up before the project could be completed. The StringFlix app was created out of this frustration to make it easy for people to come together to enjoy a collaborative video creating experience without time, resource and budget hindrances.

The simple to use app allows for one to initiate a “String” by starting the video project that is comprised of a message, hashtags and a deadline. The video originator can then use social media, text and email to invite others to collaborate by adding videos and photos of their own. StringFlix unites people to create an exciting video message in an easy and fun fashion.

The app aims to make occasions such as birthdays, special events, travel, commercial branding, and activism even more memorable. For added fun to the collaborated social experience, StringFlix is offering title animations to celebrate holidays and business brand promotions – for a limited time these animations will be free.

Businesses and Organizations Benefit Using StringFlix

Not only does StringFlix bring together friends and family for new digital socializing fun, but it also proves to benefit business brands and organizations with customized title animations. These animations, created specifically for the brand, are embedded in the app for the specific brand’s use. Customers and members are then invited to utilize the animations in video testimonials that they send out on social media to promote the business or organization.

The excitement of what StringFlix contributes to the business world is growing as the idea of creating a division of the app as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product is coming to fruition. This will allow for large corporations to have their own exclusive database, promotional and event videos, and hashtags to encourage worker participation. StringFlix will enhance the work experience permitting those from different departments to contribute.

An Idea and Collaborative Effort Birthed StringFlix

What makes StringFlix unique is not only its idea but also the people who came together to work as a team to develop the app. The exciting group of StringFlix innovators celebrates individuals from around the globe who found themselves in the U.S. allowing their collective minds and cultures to create this exciting new social app.

Magda Stenzel – StringFlix CEO and Co-Founder

The StringFlix app is the brainchild of Stenzel. Working at NBCUniversal, as a Broadcast Designer and Animator, Stenzel had the notion to create a short video presentation for her farewell party, the same day she was leaving. Unfortunately, her idea of gathering smartphone videos from friends and colleagues proved fruitless when Stenzel realized that there were no mobile apps that worked well to create a collaborative video project.

Upon further investigation, Stenzel discovered that others felt the same frustration of not having a way to create a social team effort video collection. It was this moment that Stenzel began applying her 15 years of video production experience to create what is now StringFlix.

As a child in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Stenzel aspired to be an artist and an inventor. With a delight for storytelling, she created her first comic book characters at the young age of three. In her teen years, Stenzel discovered digital art and decided to pursue a career in graphic design and animation. Just before turning 17, Stenzel made her way to the U.S. to pursue a college degree in Advertising Design. Upon graduation, Magda started working as a Motion Artist for various television networks.

After learning about the world of startups at the 2020 Startups accelerator program in New York City, Stenzel looked to pursue a crash course in entrepreneurship. She enrolled at the Founder Institute of NYC program in 2017. It was there that Stenzel met Anthony Giordano, who became first a Marketing advisor and is now a CMO and Co-founder of StringFlix.

Anthony Giordano – StringFlix CMO and Co-Founder

Giordano is a native New Yorker who grew up in Queens. After beginning his career at MindShare, he rose quickly to become Head of Business Development for North America at sister-agency MEC, a role which led to him being named as one of Forbes 30 Under 30. Moving to Dubai, UAE the young leader was a key adviser for Nestle on their media investment strategy, set up MEC’s Innovation practice, and traveled to over 30 countries.

Once back in NYC, Giordano met Stenzel and began advising her on the development of StringFlix. As they worked together, Giordano became more excited and invested in the success of the company – driving him to join as CMO and Co-Founder.

Alex Todorov – StringFlix CTO and Co-Founder

Todorov met Stenzel and Giordano at the exact time when they were looking for a tech expert to elevate the StringFlix app development. He took to heart StringFlix’s idea and mission of sharing videos with people and thought it was amazing – especially for immigrants like himself longing to connect better with family members overseas.

Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, one of the top 10 best places for start-up businesses in the world, especially in information technologies, Todorov seemed destined to work with technology. He became obsessed with computers after his father bought him one for his 14th birthday. Todorov graduated in computer science from New Bulgarian University and then moved to the U.S. on a Diverse Visa Program. With more than 15 years of professional experience as a Software engineer and Database Architect, Todorov took on the development of StringFlix to push the product to a final stage.

Juné Shiiki  –  StringFlix Senior Art Director

In 2010, Shiiki met Stenzel when they both worked in the Today Show, at NBCUniversal. In Stenzel, Shiiki found a kindred spirit who helps her to reconnect with her past and embrace new adventures, such as StringFlix.

Shiiki’s career path as a visual designer and animator has been an interesting journey and a natural progression from a child of artist parents. Along with childhood daily drawing lessons from her mother, Shiiki learned true art appreciation visiting an endless number of museums and galleries during her family’s annual trip to New York City.

At the young age of 14 years old, Shiiki moved from Japan to the United States on her own. After graduating from high school, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Columbia College and, subsequently, a Master of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design.

StringFlix is on a true mission – to unite people through video. The apps’ creators, who traveled from around the globe to find each other in New York City, aim to showcase a video platform where people can remotely collaborate, create, and discover content to bring all together by means of video creation.

Stenzel states:

“For our team, the best reward of creating StringFlix is to see what others will create in result of using our app. Albert Einstein famously said: ‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on,’ and therefore we are.”

Stay tuned as StringFlix grows with a marketplace where people can sell their talents and purchase animations, graphics, and videos.

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