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Immigrant to Innovator Ingenuity to Overcome Challenges

When seeking to overcome challenges, much can be learned by simply looking at an immigrant’s fortitude for achieving the American dream. Mark Gold made his way from the poverty of an immigrant to prosperity with his innovative spirit and resilience to realize his aspirations.

5 Historical Black Figures from New York

Black history has been whitewashed and portions selectively removed from New York’s history.  Like, black slaves building Wall Street and the destruction of Seneca...

New Animation Shows NYC’s Evolution Over 400 years (Video)

Myles Zhang, a Newark native has created an amazing 9-minute long animation named Here Grows New York.  The video starts off in pre-Colonial time...

What Was Cookin’ in Hell’s Kitchen 50 Years Ago

When people ask me where I’m from originally, I don’t just tell them New York City or Manhattan – I specify Hell’s Kitchen. Why so...