The 10 Hour Commute From Hell



It’s safe to say New York and New Jersey got caught sleeping yesterday.  All throughout NYC, North Jersey and the Lower Hudson Valley traffic was at a stand still.  The Nor’easter hit hard just before the PM rush hour got started which culminated in one of the area worst traffic jams ever.  Videos and pictures have poured in showing major arteries, bridges, highways and even side roads.  Even mass transit was deeply affected with Port Authority closing their doors.

More than just an inconvenience, when everything had cleared, 7 were left deceased in some of the over 1,000 accidents reported.

The worst traffic was reported in Newark, NYC’s FDR and West Side Highway, The Cross Bronx Expressway, GWB, Route 3, Route 17 and GSP in New Jersey.  The suburbs were no exception, with Rockland, Bergen and Westchester with a 6 hour gridlock.

Avoid Route 495 & Lincoln Tunnel Until 2021

So now the blame game begins.

While Cuomo and Murphy are sure to hear about this fiasco.  Where were the plow trucks and the salt?  What happened to the Dept. of Sanitation?  Yes, weather experts didn’t predict that amount of snow, but it seemed as if there was zero to little preparation for the storm.  We have had storms with much greater precipitation that did not result in this much traffic.

Tell us about your commute, how long were you sitting in traffic for?


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