The Cutting Room Hosts Menu and Decor to Match Entertainment

Cutting Room Event Space. Image courtesy of Cutting Room.

The famed New York City venue The Cutting Room is well known for its offering of amazing talented entertainers performing in its wonderful club. What makes it a cut above other stage venues is a menu that matches the wealth of delectable shows. Not only do they have a great bill of fare to enjoy dinner along with a show, but The Cutting Room is also a great destination to grab lunch with friends, family and business associates.

The Cutting Room is Yummy Must-See Destination

Talent is truly in the air at The Cutting Room, but it goes well beyond the stage and into the kitchen. The Chef is truly an artist that deserves a standing ovation. No need to find a place to eat before going to a show at The Cutting Room. Their menu has a full choice of wonderful Starters, Salads, Flat Bread Pizzas, Main Course choices, Sides and yummy Deserts. To begin take a seat to pleasure in fantastic menu items specifically made “To Share”.

The Cutting Room
Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

The Lunch Menu is plentiful and delicious, a perfect combination to allow anyone to enjoy a lovely lunch in a cool atmosphere. In addition to the designed Lunch Menu, any salad on the Dinner Menu is offered for Lunch as well. Check out the quesadilla for a true touch of Mexico beyond the Tex-Mex normally served at other restaurants.

The Loaded Potato Soup is perfection in a bowl. My Veggie Burger was deliciously made served with a curried ketchup that even my sensitive palate and stomach delighted in. Salad choices go beyond just the ordinary with a wonderful Steak Salad.

Creativity is certainly added to the food choices with specials. For dessert, we were served a pumpkin dish that was out of this world amazing, and healthy. Freshly made from pumpkin still attached to its outer skin, it was warm with cinnamon that reminds one of a baked apple. It was perfectly topped with a scoop of cool vanilla bean ice cream.

The Dinner menu has added choices with Roasted Chicken Breast, Pan-Seared Scottish Salmon, Lobster Roll, Surf & Turf and so many more fantastic chef-inspired recipes.

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The Cutting Room
Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

Artistic talent Adds to The Cutting Room Decor

Walk through the front door and the spirit of artistic talent surrounds one before even entering the performance space. Taking center stage is the outstanding custom chandelier crafted as a lit-up sculpture hanging from the ceiling. Designed from stain glass and actual guitars it is a truly unique piece of art. Relax at the bar that takes on the form of a guitar’s curves and wood finish, or take a seat on a stool at a bar table.

To the left is a cozy dining room known as “Elaine’s Room” paying homage to the famed celebrity restaurateur, Elaine Kaufman.  Decorated as a tribute to Kaufman, the furnishings are comfortable with a wall of photographs in memory of the great woman, as well as a copy of the original painting of Kaufman created by Jamie Wyeth. As a special accolade to the wonderful restaurateur, The Cutting Room had a ceiling mural painted to showcase her as if a guardian angel watching over all who enter the establishment.

Excitement of a theater tone fills the air as one walks up the open staircase that climbs from the entry, artistically made with hand-carved railings. Once upstairs stroll the perimeter overlooking the open bar area to catch an up-close look at the magnificent chandelier. Take a walk across the catwalk to view interesting collectibles and to find an intimate table to enjoy a bite, drink, and conversation at. On the walls are framed photos and beautiful artwork of famed entertainers in portrait form.

The main stage space is a masterpiece all its own with a beautiful ornate stage, artistic moldings and wonderful lighting with a ceiling that climbs higher than two floors. One can feel in the air a combination of all the great artists who have performed there while seated in anticipation of seeing a show.

Rustic wood floors and brick, tiled and faux painted walls lend to the comfort one feels when enjoying a meal and drink whether preparing to see a show or just enjoying the ambiance of The Cutting Room’s restaurant and bar. Take in the total experience that The Cutting Room offers with delicious food along with a live show.

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