Image by NYNJ.COM

(Edgewater, New Jersey)

The infamous Mandarin “Mandy” Duck that was originally spotted in Central Park has also been seen in North Bergen and Edgewater, New Jersey.  Mandy quickly became an obsession of local media and New Yorkers trying to get a glimpse of the rare Asian bird.

Its gorgeous colors and fearless nature have added to its mystic.  Theories vary about how the bird got to New York and how long it will stay.

Timeline of Mandy Sightings:

October 8th – New York City (Central Park)
October 19th – North Bergen, NJ (James J. Braddock Park)
October 23rd – Edgewater, NJ  (Near Hudson River)
October 28th – New York City (Central Park)

Just like many of us in the area, he may not be able to afford the high rent in Manhattan and is possibly looking to settle down in New Jersey.

Have you seen Mandy?  Send us a picture of your sighting to Media@NYNJ.COM.

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