The Mystery of Police Chief Jerry Speziale

Police Director of Paterson, NJ, Jerry Speziale . Image by Jerry Speziale Wikipedia.

Just when you thought the Paterson Police Department had aired out all its dirty laundry, here comes another story.  Jerry Speziale is the safety director aka the ‘top cop’ in Paterson, New Jersey.  Only one problem, he is also the Police Chief in Hazleton since 2016.. Hazelton, Pennsylvania..

For those unfamiliar with Hazleton, it’s about a two-hour drive from Paterson.

Image by Paterson Police Dept Website.

Jerry Speziale has spent his life in law enforcement, working for the Port Authority as well as the DEA.  He was actually shot during a shootout in 1986 during his time with the NYPD.  Just out of curiousity, does that mean he’s getting a pension from the New York City Police Depratment and has two full-time salaries?  Jerry, you’re the ultimate hustler, you really need to go on Shark Tank..

Can this possibly be legal or somehow allowed? I’m beginning to rethink my student loans, maybe I should have chosen a different profession over writing.

Fifth Cop Arrested in Paterson this Week

Shot of the Day from Paterson, New Jersey

The situation is so bizarre, even the mayors are getting involved. According to an administration official in the mayor’s office in Paterson, Mayor Andre Sayegh “wants Speziale to step away from his post as police chief in Hazleton”.

While the Mayor of Hazleton, Jeff Cusat said “Jerry is a member of my team here in Hazleton, and he is committed to myself and to the citizens of Hazleton. He has made it very clear that he will stay here as long as I am here, and I plan on being here for a while, so I expect Jerry and the rest of my team to stay together,”. Adding that crime is down significantly over the past few years.

Both cities face an overall high crime rate, Paterson specifically has been riddled with scandal after sandal with their police department. We will keep you posted on the tug-a-war.

Do you think he should be able to work both jobs?  Do you feel that Paterson is headed in the right direction?