The Philadelphia Flower Show: Outdoor Perfection

2021 Philadelphia Flower Show Entrance. Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

This year’s Philadelphia Flower Show had a new date (June 5-13), look, and location. For the first time in its almost 200 year history, it was moved outdoors to FDR Park.

The theme for 2021 was “Habitat: Nature’s Masterpiece” exploring the beauty of life through nature’s kaleidoscopic lens. PHS Flower Show

I wondered how the experience would change now that it was outside. As soon as I started walking the grounds, the aroma of fresh blossoms immediately permeated, stimulating my senses. I was so unbelievably impressed with how the show adapted to its new environment, making it relevant for this year’s theme and location.

The incredible displays were a designer and photographer’s dream. I adored the section of  crafted Rooftop Gardens, so fitting for al fresco relaxing and dining.

Rooftop: Nesting on the 9th Series. Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

I also learned a new terminology; that of “Hell Strips”, which the displays playfully read “Heaven Hell Strips”. What exactly are they? The shortest definition is the narrow space between the sidewalk and street curb, in urban areas. Usually, a place that most do not think of planting in. This underutilized space really shined bright in the exhibitions, offering inspiration for home gardeners.

Public Garden: Heaven Hell Strips. Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

The Design District showcased stunning works on a large scale that allowed the attendees to interact with them. Mixed media, unique themes, manicured greenery, and vibrant flowers filled the landscape.

Fete Urbane in the Design District. Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.
Nomad Studio in the Design District. Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

As I await the announcement of the 2022 theme for this beautiful and uplifting horticultural event, I wonder will more trade shows follow suit and move outdoors? Something to think about. To support & join The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society please click the link below.
PHS Membership

Treeline Designz in the Design District. Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen.

NFT Art by Kid Creole and the Coconuts Gem of Music Magic

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