The Port Authority Announces it’s New $1 Billion PATH Improvement Plan

Today the PANYNJ released details of their brand-new plan to improve commuting from New York to New Jersey

PATH train. Image by Trevor Logan.

The PANYNJ plan outlines 3 major ways they plan on spending the billion.

Increase Capacity:

A 40% increase between Newark and World Trade Center and a 10 % increase between Journal Square and 33rd Street.  The PATH’s new signal system will also allow for trains to run closer together, down from four minutes to three.  In the next three years, they will also be adding 72 new rail cars.

Reduce Delays:

PANYNJ will spend on researching the root cause of delays system wide.  These reports will be published quarterly.  New protocols and new diagnostic tools are aimed at located any problems and efficiently resolving them.

Enhancing Customer Experience:

They will aggressively take action to improve the overall customer experience.  Installing new fare technology to enable payment from smartphones and credit cards and get rid of those silly fare cards.  Improving PATH alerts, in station announcements .  Reducing platform crowding by establishing a clear maximum capacity and only allowing that many commuters onto the platform.

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The plan is extremely ambitious, as the Port Authority is updating its 110-year-old infrastructure.  Last year, PATH launched the RidePATH app, installed cell phone service in its underground stations. (yes, this actually just happened in 2018) and installed countdown clocks everywhere.  If you would like to read the release its entirety, click here.

What’s the worst part of the NYNJ commute? Are you optimistic about the changes?