The Rise of New York’s Super Skinny Towers


Who doesn’t want to be tall and thin?  Even Manhattans building are joining in on the trend.  The two major factors towards going skinny are the astronomical cost of land in Manhattan and Brooklyn and increased engineering technology capabilities.

432 Park Ave. The stark white pillar, next to Central Park, is 1,396 feet tall (which is taller than the Empire State Building), but each side is only about 93 feet wide.

Prices in these buildings are expected to be as high as the views. A three-bedroom apartment at 432 Park Ave. is currently listing for $17.75 million. While the penthouse is listed for a cool $75.5 million.

111 W. 57th St., will be about 1,400 feet tall and only under 60 feet wide.

53 W 53 is probably one of the coolest looking super skinny towers out there.

There are now 101 supertall skyscrapers standing in the world, with 51 of them built just in the last six years. It counts a building as meeting the definition if it is over 984 feet in height.

By 2020, another eight supertalls structures are slated to be completed in New York City, some office buildings and some residential. At least another 10 have been proposed, including the first one outside of Manhattan.

9 Dekalb building planned for downtown Brooklyn will open in 2020. It would stand just over 1,000 feet tall, dwarfing all other buildings in the borough.

Let us know your thoughts, would you live in a supertall or superskinny?

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