The Wynwood Arts District in Miami Will Totally Transform & Uplift You, Virtually

Art of Bust Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

With everything transpiring in the world, it’s nice to take a break and let yourself be inspired visually.  Street art, murals and graffiti, are so prominent in today’s culture and this genre of art is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Part of a larger mural created by: @indeliblefunk @ces4wish @yesizm @charliedovesnyc.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

My first time to Wynwood Walls, I was completely captivated by this incredible district. It was truly like nothing I had ever experienced, and I make trips back as often as possible. ‘Wynwood Walls Open Air Art Museum’ launched in 2009 in conjunction with Art Basel Miami.

Martin Whatson @martinwhatson.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

As the neighborhood developed, shops, cafes and blank walls were beautified with more street style art. Referred to as ‘Outside the Walls’, this art complimented and augmented the original landscape and grew the community.

Artist(s) unknown.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

Incredible global artists include: Art of Bust, Kelsey Montague, Martin Whatson, Queen Andrea, Ruben Ubiera, Tats Cru and Tristan Eaton. Their work is proudly displayed providing instant energy through vibrant color.

In December 2019, The Museum of Graffiti opened in unison with Art Basel Miami and is “the world’s first museum exclusively dedicated to the evolution of the graffiti art form.” I had the pleasure of taking a tour with one of the curators and his passion, knowledge, experiences and discussion of the history of graffiti left me so enlightened and motivated.

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Ruben Ubiera @urbanruben.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

Walking Wynwood is an art lover and Instagrammers dream. While photographing, I have found that skies with cotton-like clouds make for the best pictures, looking almost surreal and too perfect. You become completely immersed on an optical scale and it’s so uplifting.

Tristan Easton @tristaneaton.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

Make sure to give yourself enough time to walk, discover, and look at the art from different angles and lighting. Engage and take a tour of the indoor galleries and support the arts.

Queen Andrea @queenandreaone.  Image Courtesy of Jeanine Pedersen

While I dream of my trip back, I venture through all my photos wondering how it will evolve the next time I walk, encounter and interact with the neighborhood. Wynwood you have my heart, happy ten-year anniversary!

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