Thoughts of a Bride During a Pandemic


So the coronavirus has ruined lives. People have died and others have permanent health issues due to this virus. My sister works at a long-term care home and the stories are truly heart breaking. This article is my way of dealing with the my own, much less important situation.

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The “Rona” has ruined my wedding. I have been forced to postpone one of the most important days of my life. There is no good advice anyone can give, no way to make me feel better. That frustrates everyone around me, especially my fiancé.  I spent a lot of time deciding and compromising with my fiancé over the best date for our special day. I  wanted a Spring wedding because the weather gets warmer, and it’s usually less expensive than a summer wedding but with color schemes are just as beautiful.

Spring is a new beginning, a time of rebirth and renewal, which was sort of the theme of our wedding. This marriage is a new beginning, a new phase in both our lives. But, now all our plans are in the garbage. We were fortunate enough to get a full refund for our wedding venue but only because we booked at a local county park. They are usually much easier to deal with when it comes to unavoidable situations. But, we weren’t so lucky with our venders. We have credits with them but that also ties our hands as to where we can get married later. We have to stay within their service areas.

Would have loved to reschedule at the same venue but there are two issues. Number one, all Saturdays, which we must have a because everyone lives out-of-town, are booked from now until November. Not just for this venue but for every venue. And number two, who can predict when this will be over or at least when will things go back to somewhat normal enough to have a large party?

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This creates a perpetual state of waiting, which is extremely difficult for most brides. Most of us have been waiting for this day since we were little girls. That moment when your groom sees you for the first time in the dress that makes you look like an angel. That moment can only happen once.

So when do I choose to have that moment?  Wait another 9-12 months (2021) to get officially married in front of our close friends and family, or have that moment in front of a courthouse judge and other strangers so you can get married sooner? Even if I get married at the courthouse in some other dress, it’s still not the same. That look only happens once. Later, it will just be a woman he’s already married to in a nice dress. I’m sure as more time passes things will become clearer and I will get over how I am feeling now. I have to focus my attention on staying well.

It’s not just my wedding on my mind. This thing is ruining everything, and I feel like it’s just the beginning of more pandemics. I won’t get into all the reasons I feel this way because there are too many. I’m just writing my thoughts in an attempt to get it all out of my head, whether anyone gives a crap or not.

F*#K you Corona, I’m out!

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