Tom Ziglar Inspires Life Success Choices in ‘Choose to Win’

Tom Ziglar
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Tom Ziglar’s new book, “Choose to Win: Transform Your Life, One Simple Step at a Time” (March 5, 2019; Nelson Books), instructs people to teach themselves how to make life-improving choices. By examining seven key life areas, Ziglar helps one learn new strategies to achieve life-changing goals.

Whether mental, financial, career or personal, stress at some point in one’s life will prove to be a deterrent for moving forward. The purpose of Ziglar’s book is to get individuals on the path to realize a forever change by replacing bad behaviors with good behaviors.

Tom Ziglar
Photo Courtesy of Tom Ziglar Facebook Page

Ziglar Notes Seven Key Life Areas to Move Forward Positively

In “Choose to Win” Ziglar examines in-depth seven specific areas that affect one’s life. At the conclusion of each section is a list of questions, along with examples, to help one on their path to choosing to win. As new strategies are attained, bad behaviors are replaced with good ones allowing for goals to be achieved.

Mental is Vital

One uses their mental input to decide what is being thought about. This will govern all pertaining to how one lives his or her life. Ziglar notes how important it is to choose input wisely since it is the determining factor for everything.

Spiritual Principles and Values

The right input depends on the right spiritual input determined by one’s faith or beliefs. Understanding principles and values that can lead to success is what will ground one spiritually to grow healthy interpersonal relationships.

Physical Health

Ziglar addresses three keys to achieving good physical health – sleep, diet and exercise. The strategy to winning a healthy body is to choose to do it. One needs to choose to have quality sleep, choose to eat nutritious good food, and choose to exercise the body. By choosing to be consistent – healthy habits will replace unhealthy ones.

Family Choices

The Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is important to take to heart when choosing to be a role model for the family. It is vital to make the choice to be a positive influence on loved ones. This means to always live deliberately in being one who children will follow learning how to discipline themselves to create their own winning behaviors for life.

Financial Hopes and Dreams

It is most important to make intelligent choices in order to win financial dreams. As long as one focuses on their dream than any financial disasters can be overcome. Ziglar includes five beneficial financial habits to develop and 18 bad ones to avoid.

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Personal Time

One must make time for themselves to learn who he or she is. This is the personal time needed to simply enjoy life and energize to motivate oneself to realize what changes may be needed to win over the rest of a lifetime. Twenty lifestyle choices have been noted by Ziglar to help one learn how to use personal time.

Career Success

Attitude, effort and skills are what will determine one’s career success. It is necessary to have the right attitude to get to where one wants to go in his or her profession. Ziglar coaches with 50 performance habits to making one a winner for owning a successful career.

Ziglar Aims to Make It Easy to Choose to Win

With his book, “Choose to Win,” Ziglar has the goal of instructing others how to make positive winning changes in their lives without major distress. The author teaches how to replace bad habits with good behaviors by taking one step at a time.

As expressed by Ziglar:

“The fastest way to success is to replace bad habits with good habits.”

Ziglar notes that with only three important choices made one can achieve his or her goals and dreams. These choices include: taking the first step, then choosing to leave a great legacy, followed by the last choice of beginning each day with a faultless start.

“Choose to Win” is a wonderful read that not only advises but is also entertaining. In between step-by-step instructional aides are Ziglar’s anecdotes, personal stories and reflections. The book concludes with the very helpful Ziglar Goal Setting System as well as numerous Ziglar Self-Talk Cards to help all in winning their best lives.

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