Tony Seker is this Months Featured Artist at bergenPAC

Image Courtesy of Çağatay Okutan.

Painter Tony Seker is the February featured artist at bergenPAC with his exhibition Life is a Cabaret!. There will be an artist reception on Feb. 6th from 6-8 pm in the Drapkin Cabaret and Lounge.

Image Courtesy of Claxon Du Soleil.

Tony Seker is a local artist with a global perspective. His “action” painting style, ironically inspired by the likes of Peter Sellers and Victor Borge, fuses together elements of playfulness and optimism. However, his artistic expression stems from the uncertainty of his nomadic refugee childhood when he consciously shifted to using bright and colorful “protest” paint on his model warplanes as an antiwar statement. Tony shines a light on life’s randomness to inspire greater understanding and compassion.

‘Four Corners Public Arts’ Revitalizes Downtown Newark with Street Murals

Exhibit Dates:  February 3 –  February 29, 2020
Artist Reception: Thursday, February 6 • 6pm-8pm
Location: Sandy Bennett Art Gallery @ bergenPAC. Englewood, NJ.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the artwork support bergenPAC’s nonprofit mission.

You can find out more about Tony and his art under his moniker “Claxon Du Soleil” (A blast from the sun): InstagramFacebook and art for sale.

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