Top 4 Home & Garden Trends of 2021

Image Courtesy of Urban Plantscapes, Jaclyn Smith Collection Via NYNJ Media.

This past year of the pandemic has brought new home and garden trends for those seeking to renovate the abode in search of serenity.  During a year that has been freaking nuts, now more than ever folks are looking to spruce up their home turf and relax among their outdoor landscape.

The inability to hop on a plane, or even in a car, for a getaway is forcing people to take full advantage of their home greenspace. Gardening is the number two ranked activity for Americans only after TV.

Top 4 Home & Garden Trends of 2021

The madness of 2020 has birthed home and garden trends along with the virus. With folks stuck at home more are looking at the garden to inspire imagination and keep them busy.

1.  Reclaiming Nature

This is the perfect time to consider developing the wild and untouched portions of one’s owned or rented property in an ecofriendly way. By thinning out some smaller trees and shrubs a space can be created for social distancing activities.

2.  Gorgeous Spring ‘21

Park Ave in full bloom.  Image Courtesy of Urban Plantscapes LLC

With consistent heavy snow fall most of this winter, expect to see all greenery lush with plenty of blooms throughout the season.  The snow has two benefits – first the snow insulates the roots from freezing temperatures, and second – as the snow melts, the roots can store it until late Spring.  With bulbs selling out last fall, expect to see some magnificent color.

3.  First Time Gardeners

These are challenging times to be living in right now. With last spring bringing food shortages more people than ever started growing their own nourishment as a potential back up.

Many, either out of shear boredom or looking to be sustainable, started planting seeds for the first time. Home and garden trends prove to show that this has left many commercial seed banks seeing inventory extremely low or sold out.

4.  Parklets 

San Francisco.  Image Courtesy of PIECHOTA ARCHITECTURE

Along with the new norm of social distancing parklets are gaining even more popularity. The idea of expanding the sidewalk for folks to have more room to enjoy relaxing has made the parklet extremely popular.

The home and garden trends show that parklets have exploded with the need for outdoor social distancing safe seating at restaurants. Sorry bridge & tunnel drivers, these are only going to get more fashionable.

What home & garden projects are you going to work on this year?

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