Two NJ Cops let Police Chief Slide on DWI


On a cold February night, two Independence Township (Warren County) police officers pulled over a town-owned 2013 Chevy Tahoe after receiving reports of a vehicle driving erratically. As the video shows Keith Aiello, the Chief of Police in Independence Township, hopping out the vehicle stumbling and slurring his words. While much of the video is silent, you can hear the Chief of Police replying “not me” to questions about an accident and driving reckless. The rest of the video shows the officer looking at the damage and ultimately driving Mr. Aiello home without giving him a breathalyzer or following normal procedures. The use of alcohol is noted in the report but does not go into any further detail.

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Originally the Chief of Police was placed on paid-administrative leave. Before making the video public, he was placed on unpaid suspension and now will be fired. The two police officers’ names who pulled over Mr. Aiello were not made public but should also face suspension or being fired for not following procedure and their role in letting a drunk driver go without any criminal charges.

The town tried to prevent the release of the dashcam video, but the Supreme Court overruled that when NJ Open-Records advocated John Paff sued the town for inappropriately withholding the video.

Magnificent work Mr. Paff!

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