Ultimate Disco Cruise is Dream Experience

Ultimate Disco Cruise
The Commodores - Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

The 2020 Ultimate Disco Cruise proved spending nights and days dancing and schmoozing away on the high seas is truly a dream come true. Once boarded in Miami, guests mingle with the Disco greats as everyone gets to know the beautiful ship. Nostalgia takes over for five nights of living one’s own “Dance Fever” fantasies – actually-dancing away with Deney Terrio as he plays cruise host for the festivities.

Ultimate Disco Cruise
Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

Fulfilled Afternoon Gives Disco Cruise an Ultimate Start

The afternoon of the day all boarded saw guests visiting deck four having fun at 2 p.m. when Felipe Rose, of Village People fame. He excited all with a brief appearance taking photos with fans as “Macho Man” played.

Prior to sunset, the ship began the journey with getting all into boogying on down with a sail away party featuring Boogie Wonder Band. DJ Jazzy and Radio personality Joe Johnson cheered on guests. This was the perfect start to the promise of an exhilarating dance dream adventure.

Even the staterooms had guests ensconced in the Ultimate Disco Cruise theme. Special TV channels provided feeds to the cruise Host Jason’s morning show, live interviews, disco themed movies, and a live feed to the theater shows. I unpacked getting into the groove listening to a channel playing disco music.

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After unpacking and enjoying a bite to eat all were off to start their first night ensconced in fun disco memories. As the afternoon morphed into evening there was a very intimate question and answer with Marlon Jackson. He spoke of the Queen of England requesting to see the brothers and gave a shout out to Clifton Davis who was sitting in the audience. Jackson provided lovely insight to his family and spoke highly how the Lord blessed them with music. The talented entertainer went on to take questions from the fans.

Disco Immersion Enjoyment Starts the Fun

The busy evening began with seeing the Commodores perform in the Mainstage Concert. A theater full of disco fans cheered and sang along to the wonderful group glittering on stage belting out and boogying to the timeless music.

Ultimate Disco Cruise
Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

Stepping out of the concert we walked into the Rendezvous Lounge where all reminisced singing along with DJ Jazzy hosting karaoke. Guests who could belt out proved that the celebrity entertainers were not the only talent aboard.

Before dinner was a step into the past paying homage to the one and only Donna Summer. Although the amazing Summer is truly missed she was remembered in a fitful honor with the show “Bad Girls: The Donna Summer Tribute featuring Rainere Martin.” Martin belted out as if channeling the disco queen getting fans dancing and cheering along.

A Busy First Night Showcased Thrills to Come

Music Host extraordinaire Bob Pantano, of “Saturday Night Dance Party” fame, took over the evening festivities. He introduced “Shalamar Reloaded featuring Jody Watley” backed by The Urban Guerilla Orchestra. Watley belted out as guests enjoyed a true dance party experience as a welcome to their cruise journey.

What makes the Ultimate Disco Cruise live up to its name is how it recreates the nights of the disco era when we all waited till late night to even start the fun. Celebrity cleared out the main dining room to turn it into the Studio 55 disco nightclub – complete with shimmering ball for into the early morning hours fun.

Ultimate Disco Cruise
Felipe Rose – Image Courtesy of Carol Ruth Weber

Dancing fun was cheered on with in-person entertaining by Felipe Rose along with fantastic spinning by DJ Nicky Siano. Disco greats Anita Ward, Maxine Nightingale, and George McCrae sang out to applause in the Constellations Lounge.

Ultimate Disco Cruise Lived up to Fantasy Vaca Expectations

Not only is the music and celebrities all that the Ultimate Disco Cruise promised, the Celebrity Infinity is a wonderful luxury ship. Great amenities and yummy delights added to travel pleasure making the Ultimate Disco Cruise a never to be forgotten total experience. Star Vista LIVE certainly knows how to bring entertainment to make a dream cruise adventure.

The energy brought by the entertainment and guests is truly electrifying. It brings all back to a time of spending days sunning and nights of pure dancing enjoyment.

Just as the era of disco was unforgettable so will this cruise adventure be. It truly reignites all the joy from the disco days, but even better as we enjoy dancing the time away along with favorite disco celebrities in person. The 2020 Ultimate Disco Cruise is non-stop pure fun and stress-free pleasure.

The second year of the Disco Cruise sailing out of Miami to Key West and the Bahamas from February 10-15 in 2020 is definitely-proving a huge hit. So much so that guests traveling for their second disco cruise, as well as those on the adventure for the first time, are booking a room on the 2021 Ultimate Disco Cruise before this year’s adventure is even over.

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