Unplug from Technology for Personal Productivity

Unplug from technology
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The world has become much smaller with the use of technology taking over productivity. It is necessary to learn how to take a break to step away from technological devices in order to be personally productive.

Working, or on downtime, all are busy multi-tasking using desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These mechanisms pull all into a world of social media and online viewing that impede personal efficiency and enjoyment – even replacing paper for reading a book or newspaper.

Get Productive by Unplugging

Electronic devices are great and certainly make life easier by allowing video chat, socially networking, and conducting research, but sometimes they can also serve to hold back a quality of life. Long before smartphones and computers, people actually enjoyed using their minds, hands, and feet to dig in and enjoy a productive life.

By disconnecting from the appendages that these technological devices have become, one can reconnect with oneself and loved ones. Taking a break from online social media can mean replacing it with something to truly experience and appreciate. No more excuses for not having the time to finish a project or take up a task or hobby that has been put off.

Much new happiness can be derived and learned just from unplugging. This is the perfect time to put together the loose photos in a family album. Take the occasion to create a special scrapbook the old-fashioned way – with scissors, paper, and glue – to pass down to future generations. Freshen up a room with a new coat of paint, or enjoy a nice day in the garden planting.

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Take a Fieldtrip

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By removing the tether between oneself and devices will allow for a venture out into the beautiful world. This occasion can be productively used to take a walk on the seashore – catching up with loved ones, or reflecting in solitude. Appreciate the environment by taking a nature walk or visiting a local zoo, or arboretum. Join a group for seal or whale watching. Think about all the galleries and museums that one can go to for productivity inspiration.

Learn Something New

Take away the technology and replace it with old world productive activities that one has longed to learn. Take piano lessons or have fun with a partner in dance classes. Use this opportunity to get in touch with an artistic side by creating a masterpiece with a pencil, paintbrush, or clay instead of a computer mouse.

Dig into a saucy book by actually turning pages as relaxing in a quiet surrounding. Pick up a newspaper to feel the newsprint on your fingers. Being unplugged opens-up time to appreciate the important things in life. Although the online will always beckon, it will be these untethered moments of existence that are the ones to become the memories of a lifetime.

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