In-between Nyack and the Garment District, we linked up with the renowned fashionista.

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Tell our readers a bit about your background and where you’re from?

I am Palestinian-American, born and raised in Rockland County, NY.

How did you become interested in Clothing?

My mother is evening gown designer, Nime Jamal. I grew up around fashion. I would go to shop for fabrics with her. My Mom and I watched Style on CNN together. I was usually the only child at her fashion shows, mingling with models and designers. I attended beauty pageants regularly. It was a big part of my childhood.

Did you go to school for Fashion?

Yes, I graduated from LIM in midtown.

Tell us about your “Runway on the Hudson” boutique?

Runway on the Hudson is located at 68 South Broadway in Nyack. It is between Strawberry Place and Christine Cordey Salon. South Nyack has such a special energy and I am so proud to be there.  We are a fresh contemporary boutique with very reasonable prices. Our typical customer is tween – senior. It’s not unusual for us to have 3 generations of women shopping together, coming from brunch, or stopping in while they stroll down Broadway.

Giselle Abustan modeling a new romper at Runway on the Hudson

What is your price range from least expensive to most expensive items?

Our price point is anywhere from $5 – $200.

What is it about your clothing that has become such a hit?

What makes Runway unique is that we strive to offer trendy fashion at affordable prices, all with a high-end boutique shopping experience and top notch customer service.  Also, we get new shipments twice a week, so there is always something NEW to see!  My mother and I run the boutique together, and we love the sense of family and community in South Nyack. So many of our customers have become friends!

Since we are a small boutique, I don’t get more than a few pieces per style. While it breaks my heart to be sold out of a certain size when the next person walks in, I know my customers appreciate the exclusivity, and it allows me to carry more styles.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part about doing what I do is seeing someone coming out of the fitting room glowing! Fashion is magic! The right outfit gives you extra confidence to take things on.

What has been your main marketing when it comes to social media?

We are super active on social media. We post regularly, and it has been a great tool for us to communicate and engage with our customers. We post lots of pics of customers wearing the clothes. I think people like to see how clothes look on real people, and we love when our customers tag us in their photos.

Facebook:  RunwayOnTheHudson 

Instagram:  RunwayOnTheHudson  

Where do you draw inspiration from when selecting new pieces for Runway?

I draw inspiration from Runway fashion, celebrity style, and social media influencers. The internet has brought fashion to our fingertips, and people now have up to the minute access to new trends.

Excluding your boutique, where do you like to shop?

I love shopping at Home Goods, that is my spot!!! I also like to find cute pieces at Zara. But my absolute FAVORITE place to shop is my Moms closet!  She has such great taste!  Because she makes gowns, she appreciates clothing on another level. The quality of the fabric, the intricate details, cool silhouettes, etc.

What are some fashion trends that you feel will be significant this summer?

Wide leg pants, floral prints, asymmetrical necklines. Fashion always goes through cycles where styles come back. I frequently hear women saying “I had these 25 years ago”!

How do you think the completion of the Nyack-Tarrytown walking bridge will impact your business?

I think it will only enhance the already great area with even more people walking and connecting Westchester and Rockland.  “Once people visit South Nyack, they fall in love with its charm. There is so much to do and see, so it’s exciting that we have yet another way to draw more people to the area”.

For people unable to come to your store, how could they buy your clothing??  We take orders via social media – Mainly Instagram.  Customers usually slide in the DM when they see something they like. We ship everywhere!

Thanks again for sitting down, with you nothing but success with your Nyack Boutique.
Thank you for having me on.



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