“White Boy Rick” w/ Matthew McConaughey Official Trailer (HD)


This fall, Sony pictures will release “White Boy Rick” with Matthew McConaughey staring as Ricks shady dad.  The movie is based on a true story in 1980’s Detroit during the Crack Boom.  It follows the rise and fall of “White Boy Rick” who’s real name is Richard Wershe.  Under some interesting circumstances, Rick somehow evolves into a large Detroit drug kingpin and an FBI informant before hitting the age of 16. The majority of the movie was filmed in present day Cleveland.  Sorry Cleveland.  White Boy Rick is played by a fresh faced Richie Merritt from Baltimore.

White Boy Rick (not to be confused with fellow drug kingpin “Masarati” Rick) is sentenced to life. Rick ended up serving 30 years with just being released in 2017.

Can’t get enough of the White Boy, check out this news clip with the Real Rick and Chris Hansen.

I for one can’t wait to see this movie.

Written by Seth Goldstein



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