Women’s History Month Poem

Image Courtesy of Lucas Lenzi

On Women’s History Month,

we appreciate females a whole bunch.

Praise to the marvel of these beings,

whom without: there’s no life and no meanings,

no teachings, no feedings, and no feelings.

Respect goes to the young gals who are trying to channel,

the wise elders who tried to set the example.

Image Courtesy of Time Mossholder via Unsplash

Acclaim for the aspiring ones who have strived for greatness,

and honor to the ones who have won for being courageous.

Reverence to any mother who cared for the needy,

and who is remembered for being a sweetie.

Tribute to the fallen who sacrificed their lives,

including soldiers, daughters, pals, and wives.

On this month, we recognize you:

Women of the world, stand tall and stay true!

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