Wu-Tang Clan gets their own District in NYC

Iconic Hip-hop Group Wu-Tang Clan has been Rewarded with their own piece of New York City.


The nine-member rap group rose to stardom in the early to mid 90’s and has never looked back.  Headed by Rza, Wu-Tang took over the rap scene with their gritty, clever lyrics over catchy east coast beats.  They even launched their own clothing company and headlined tours all over the world, but sometimes getting recognition at home is the most important thing.

Politicians and members of the community packed the corner of Vanderbilt and Targee Street in the Park Hill section of Clifton.  Of the nine original members, there are currently eight still living.  Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon were in attendance during a rainy celebration where the street sign was debuted.

“The Wu-Tang Clan turned their experiences growing up in Park Hill into something that now resonates with people all over the world, with young people who live in urban settings, young people whose neighborhoods are underserved, and young people who face economic and social challenges,”  Debi Rose

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“Wu-Tang’s story is one of inspiration, and I was proud to commemorate their story and their contributions with the highest honor the City Council can give.  This district is a celebration of Wu-Tang’s inspiration to the world and a celebration of their home, Shaolin,” Debi Rose

There have been have been a ton of hip-hop artists that have come and gone, but Wu-Tang Clan clearly seems to be the ‘cream’ of the crop.

Congrats to the Wu!

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